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Raimunda, or the terrace that has conquered the heart of Madrid

Looking for an oasis in the city, we have encountered the new terrace of the Palacio de Linares, where Latin American flavors and traditional Spanish cuisine merge perfectly.

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Tacos de chamorro made with crumbled roasted pork, pico de gallo and coriander. © Raimunda

Who has not fallen in love with the flirtatious garden of Linares Palace It's because he hasn't been lucky enough to meet him yet. It is one of those sites that with its beauty it makes you stop to browse what it hides behind his gates.

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The best terraces to spend spring in Madrid

Located in the Recoletos walkin full Plaza de Cibeles, this elegant historic building welcomed the past August 16th to a new gastronomic proposal that has been baptized with the name of the Marquise de Linares: Raimunda.

Once you enter, it is difficult to leave © Raimunda

In the Linares Palace, current headquarters of the House of America, they don't just breathe anymore enigmatic legends, now the aroma of the delicacies of Latin American cuisine merges with that of native dishes more genuine, perfuming a luxurious environment where The plants clothe you.

“We got the opportunity, through a good friend, to participate in this project and we felt that we could not miss the opportunity to do something in this space.

We believe it is a spectacular garden, probably one of the most impressive spaces of Madrid, and we wanted to put this in the spotlight. He is only able to captivate you, ”he says Paco Talavera, Raimunda's partner, to Traveler.es.

This new incorporation of the hotel group Factory -that already has some capital in the capital restaurants like Matute, La Bobia o The 21- He wanted to pay tribute to both the palace, his name is proof of this, and the House of America, with A letter that winks at these lands.

The stately beauty of the Linares Palace garden © Raimunda

And, of course, respecting the essence of this magnificent location. The decoration has been the work of the interior design studio Madrid in love, who has successfully reformed the space, in collaboration with Global Start.

The restaurant It is divided into three spaces: an interior area, whose opening is scheduled for October 15; a more informal terrace where to enjoy a cocktail to the rhythm of the music played by the DJ; and another that will make you value The pleasure of eating surrounded by green.

The drinking area © Raimunda


In the letter, proposed by the renowned chef Sergio Fernández, the exotic flavors of the Latin American gastronomy They wink at the stage where they are served. But of course, they could not miss Lifelong dishes.

We wanted to respect traditional Spanish cuisine, which we believe must always be present, but we are in Casa América and it is evident that there were references to its gastronomy.

We were aware that the enrichment is the fusion of cultures, so we decided to make a menu with typical dishes such as Iberian ham croquettes or la fideuá and at the same time they could not miss recipes like guacamole with tortilla chips or butterfish ceviche”, Explains Paco Talavera.

“There are many dishes that we have loved Give them a twist. For example, roasted rib -which is made to 60 degrees for 16 hours, with a very tender and super juicy cut- in other houses we dress it with a sauce of reduction of wine. Here, however, we do it with one of mole poblano, to make that wink to Latin America”, Says Paco Talavera.

This lasagna will not leave you indifferent © Raimunda

“We are willing to ensure that we make some of the best ham croquettes in Madrid”, Talavera assures us. And we attest to that. The creaminess of the dough along with its addictive flavor will make you dream of trying these excellent snacks again.

Just as we couldn't ignore a classic like Russian salad, made with roasted sweet potato and tobiko, or a delight as your Crispy oxtail lasagna with boletus and truffle, prepared with fried wan tun pasta, one of the essentials of Raymond.

And if you're a sweetie lover, get ready to succumb to the Indian bones with Nutella and hazelnuts, which will transport you to your childhood.


The cocktails also bear the seal of the house, including winks to Latin American countries such as the Creole Mojito, Caipirosca de Rosas or Tomys Margarita.


Because being able to enjoy from a morning coffee to a dinner, or end the day with a drink under the stars, in a place like this is a luxury. In addition to being a very versatile space, capable of dazzling any type of audience with a traditional and modern atmosphere.

Vegetables sauteed in wok with yellow pepper © Raimunda

“You can eat from 25 or 30 euros very well. From the most demanding palates to the youngest people, everyone can feel comfortable here”, Paco Talavera tells Traveler.es.


They are working on a brunch that, if all goes well, they will launch next month. In addition they will also have a Private club, which was an old cigar club, ideal for those smokers who want to enjoy a drink in the interior of the restaurant.

Pickled citrus with Indian rooster © Raimunda

In data


Paseo de Recoletos, 2 Palacio de Linares / Casa de América


910 88 72 47


From Sunday to Wednesday from 12.30 a.m. to 1.00 a.m. From Thursday to Saturday and on the eve of the holiday from 12.30 a.m. to 2.00 a.m.

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See 23 photos

The best terraces to spend spring in Madrid

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