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Batavia, the restaurant that has been proposed to (finally) eat well

Here healthy cooking wins the game at the frenetic pace of Madrid

They have proposed that you eat well in the office © Batavia Healthy Food

One does not imagine that the place he enters for breakfast after some analysis is going to be the restaurant where he learns that Eating healthy, varied, tasty and cheaply in Madrid is possible.

I discovered Batavia Healthy Food at first hour of the morning. The mental scheme was clear: prick, coffee and toast in the first place he found and at work. The first site I found is in the number 18 of Sagasta street, with its large windows and a message at the entrance that is a declaration of intent: “We are not another restaurant (nor are you another customer). Welcome".

Ambitious? His specialty coffee and toast made with bread from the San Francisco workshop They will make you right and give up the rush, aware, in a moment of maximum lucidity, that there are moments that deserve to be enjoyed calmly.

Healthy cooking wins the game at the frantic pace © Batavia Healthy Food

Then, it is when the sun enters through the windows, the frenetic pace of the street is on the other side of the glass, the blue and earth-colored tones of the decoration transport you to the Mediterranean and a cheerful Lucas, the restaurant manager, asks if you want anything else.

And you, looking at the bar where all the ingredients are arranged as a counter, think so, that you would eat a portion of any of their cakes and what a pity that Batavia doesn't fit you closer to work because it would solve your mealtime with quality more than once. Oh wait It is not only for eating on site, which can also be taken.

“Batavia is born from a need because in Spain one eats badly: they eat ultraprocessed, very forceful menus of the day and it's hard to eat well in the office ”, José Luis Cabañero, CEO of Eatable Adventures, explains the project that unites gastronomy and health and from which this restaurant was born.

In Batavia one finds “Healthy food and very good food. This is achieved using techniques and production of haute cuisine. It is eaten as in a high-end restaurant, but eliminating the superfluous thing around to prime the food and have a reasonable cost ”, bill.

The salmon bowl ... Wonderful! © Batavia Healthy Food

Thus, a letter is made that includes from hamburgers to salads, to sandwiches, but in which the eyes inevitably go to the bowls, that reinvention of the combination plate in healthy version that is so fashionable lately.

You can make yours by mixing different ingredients: Organic seed base (legume, quinoa mix or brown rice), side dishes (pickles, fermented onion, sweet potato confit, marinated kale ...), protein (smoked salmon, falafel, marinated beef or chicken) and sauces. If you prefer, You can also opt for those that are already prepared. Keep track of the salmon with a base of brown rice, smoked salmon in its workshop, roasted pineapple and broccoli and pickles.

The Batavia Bowl “It is designed from a nutritional and balanced point of view. The portions are very measured, you eat well and in the afternoon it does not give you the downturn. In addition, it speeds up because it is an option to have a complete meal on a single plate, ”explains Cabañero.


Because the food is tasty, the ingredients they use are fresh and they flee from fats and sugars. The service is efficient and fast, very fast: they promise to have what you have asked for in five minutes. Prices? More than affordable. A bowl costs 9.90 euros and the menu option, which they also have, is 12.50 euros with entree, bowl or salad and drink.


Try, yes or yes, smoked salmorejo and leave room for your homemade 70% vegan chocolate cake. Because yes, in Batavia there are options for vegans, vegetarians and people with gluten intolerance. Each person is a world and, therefore, do not hesitate to say that "Batavia is not food for everyone because it is made for everyone."

They will make you come back © Batavia Healthy Food

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Sagasta Street, 18




Monday to Friday from 07.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

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