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Editor'S Choice - 2020

The best cheesecake in Madrid, now also to take away

You can now enjoy the famous Black Coal dessert in your home.

Black Coal and its cheese cake to go © Black Coal

A cake of creamy texture whose flavor makes you want to retain it forever in your taste buds. Slightly liquid in its center but slightly Toast on the surface.

Two lines are enough to make our mouths water (although we already tell you in detail). And is that the Black Coal cheese cake He arrived, saw and won, making Madrid surrender at his feet.

Instagram likes and word of mouth have been contributing to the legend of dessert made by Gonzalo Armas, Executive chef of Carbon Black.

This. In your house. Anytime. © Black Coal

“We cook it with great care and we work it as if we were making an infusion of cheese for ice cream ”says Gonzalo.

Well, dear followers of LA cheese cake, your prayers have been heard: It is already possible to order it to carry.

You have read well, the Black Coal cheese cake can be reserved to enjoy it in your home.

Of course, it is sold whole - it has 24 irresistible centimeters in diameter, about ten portions- and the order has to be made 24 hours in advance to ensure the quality and punctuality of this delight.

Its price? € 50.

It's very clear What are we going to have for dessert today?

You want the year to end just by trying it ... © Carbon Black

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