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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Fernando Alcalá, Chef revelation at Madrid Fusión 2019

The second classified was María Gómez, from Magoga (Cartagena, Murcia) and the third, Borja Susilla and Clara Puig from the Tula restaurant (Jávea, Alicante).

Fernando Alcalá (KAVA, Marbella) © KAVA Marbella

Madrid Fusión has chosen, with the vote of 80 gastronomy professionals, the young promises of Spanish cuisine. The winner is Fernando Alcalá, chef of KAVA (Marbella, Málaga), a young 27-year-old lawyer who, with 24, "left the robe to hug the pans." Alcala, fully self-taught, He has thoroughly studied the essence of multiple kitchens, giving up a promising legal career to lead his own project.

Kava, its “multicultural Andalusian restaurant”, He was born in 2014, when Alcalá, who was working at a law firm in Switzerland, came up with the opportunity to inherit a restaurant located in an old family home in his hometown and embarked on adventure. For this, he trained as a chef in the kitchen of the Arzak restaurant, where he made a four-month stay in 2015.

Scallops soaked with bergamot juice, apple and güero pepper © KAVA Marbella

The recipe book of Alcala, full of nuances, It bases its roots on Malaga's raw material, “The best of our land”, but finds its inspiration in its travels around the world and combines author cuisine, local product and global technique. From his last getaway, Hong Kong and Taiwan, he claims to have become loaded with "flavors, memories and concepts" to apply to his stoves.

His brief letter proposes 10 dishes that change daily and are a true plea for the seasonal product and its availability in the market, such as scallops with blackcurrants and tangerine; Iberian mogote with savoy cabbage, mustard or mushrooms with yolk and eel broth. Each of them has three basic ingredients - main, secondary and seasoning - that each day cooks differently and can be ordered as a complete ration or as a half ration.

Your gastronomic proposal is completed with a tasting menu in 5 passes (€ 50 per person) which is a tour of creations selected by Alcalá. Accompanied by a winery with more than 100 references.

And one of his hallmarks is The cream cheese cake. In fact, in KAVA It only offers two desserts: cheesecake and chocolate cake. "Apparently simple but impeccably executed," Alcalá told Traveler after collecting the prize. In the sweet proposal, he likes to resort to childhood memories to generate those sensations on the client's palate.

Fernando Alcalá cheese cake is one of his successes. © KAVA Marbella

The Malaga chef, despite his youth, also had his adventure in the capital, as he signed Gigi's letter during a season (in the menu of this restaurant there is only the recipe for its cheese cake), capturing its traveling cuisine in Madrid, now awarded at the gastronomic congress.

For the first time, the candidates for Chef Revelación Madrid Fusión, an award sponsored by Balfegó, were going to be eight -not six as in previous editions-, but finally there have been seven because one of them received his first Michelin star last November, which shows that homeland gastronomy lives one of its best moments. In addition to Alcala, the candidates were: Rebeca Barainca and Jorge Asenjo (Galerna), Borja Susilla and Clara Puig (Tula), Jorge Moreno (Voracious), Rafael Muria (Quatre Molins), Maria Gomez (Wizard), and Joaquin Serrano (Ephemeral).

María Gomez, from the Magoga restaurant; and Borja Susilla and Clara Puig, from Tula, have been second and third respectively in the prize.

David Muñoz, Ricard Camarena, David Yarnoz, Rodrigo de la Calle o Carmelo Bosque are some of the prestigious chefs who won this award in past editions.

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