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Pet Hotels: this is animal life!

If they could choose, our pets would reserve a place in one of these luxurious hotels for dogs and cats with designer suites, wrought iron beds, soft pillows, 42-inch televisions, gourmet menus, VIP beauty treatments and chauffeur service at Ferrari.

Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel
Who was a cat!

With several hotels in London and the southeast of the country, the Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel chain is the perfect place to leave your kitty during your holiday in the United Kingdom. This five star gatuno accommodation offers six chalets with wrought iron design beds and soft pillows, plus a large exercise area and garden. Every suite room It is set in a different theme (in the fall, in a garden, etc.) and individually heated. Classical music (or jazz, if the cat prefers it) helps to relax the pussies.

Through the windows of the suites private, felines are distracted by bird boxes installed outside. Various toys and a machine that blows grass-flavored bubbles They help animals stay stimulated during their stay. And to hydrate, several porcelain fountains supply fresh water. For the most presumed kittens, the hotel offers the Pamper Package, a service with treatments for the ears and delicate eyes, manicures, relaxing massages with aromatized oils and hair shine treatments.

Does everyone really want to be jazz cats? © Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel

The price of the room (between 16 and 45 pounds a day) includes a daily menu of the most appetizing: prepared by a feline nutrition specialist, the menus are prepared with fresh ingredients, low in calories, without preservatives and cultivated in a way responsable. For the most exquisite palates, the hotel offers dishes gourmet 'A La Cat' for £ 3.50 a day: you can choose between Salmon, tiger prawns, prawns, steamed fish, etc ... all served in silver trays and china porcelain plates. And if you also leave your car parked at home to take your pet, the hotel rewards your pet with a welcome meal.

The hotel owners are in charge of the animals 24 hours a day and every week they send by mail a photo report to the owners with the information of their pets. It may not take long for this accommodation to arrive in Spain, since The chain is currently looking to open franchises in our country.

Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel mediations © Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel

DPET Hotels
Your dog become a celebrity

DPet Hotels is another luxurious five-star chain that treats dogs like true Hollywood stars. With three hotels - in Los Angeles; in Chelsea, the most neighborhood trendy from New York; and in Scottsdale, Arizona- they offer suites With a modern design and every imaginable comfort. Our dog can choose between several types of rooms, the most spectacular is the Uber Suites, with Design bed, 42-inch flat TV and a DVD player.

The most presumed dogs will have no complaint in this hotel that has spa Y Aesthetic Center with hairdresser, massages, baths, body treatments with oils, mouth cleaning and even paw-dicura. And for eat, high kitchen: full menus made with rice, vegetables, lamb or chicken for $ 9 per serving.

The most active dogs can get fit on the treadmills of the fitness center, while listening to a background music thread. And all with a personal trainer. But if there is something that really turns your pet into a real one celebrity, is the personal chauffeur service: the hotel is responsible for picking up pets in their homes in high-end cars, like a Ferrari or a Rolls Royce. The prices for staying in these hotels to our pet reach The 200 dollars a night.

Like a king © D Pet Hotel

Wag Hotels
Exotic fish for cats and dog pool
Designer sofas, plasma televisions to watch cartoon movies, lofts Outdoor and private spaces to take a nap are some of the details that make the accommodations of the Wag Hotels chain another favorite for pets. Located in the US cities of San Francisco, Sacramento and Sunnyvale, these hotels offer all kinds of personalized care for cats and dogs in luxurious facilities.
Among its services extra we found hairdresser to change the look, in-room massage service, a boutique with exclusive luxury items -like a harness with Swarovsk crystalsi- and swimming in the pool next to qualified caregivers. The mininos specifically live in private condominiums where a exotic fish tank It serves them day and night entertainment. The rooms have video cameras so that the owners can see their animals at all times. The price per night is about 80 dollars.
* Also, remember that in Spain we have a gui dog-friendly, so you don't dispense with your pet in your life around the city.

This suite, ironically, is called "Presidio" © Wag Hotel, San Francisco

Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel Suite © Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel

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