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Editor'S Choice - 2020

The 2012 visionaries: Jochen Zeitz

A great businessman in the luxury industry, Jochen Zeitz has fully committed himself to the planet and has negotiated for years with the large multinationals a fee for the environmental impact they may have on the planet. A 'ranger' of high flights that tries to keep the world from possessing its greatest treasure: Mother Nature.

Who: head of sustainability of the French luxury company PPR, works for the environmental responsibility of luxury firms and the travel industry.

Its cause: is convincing companies to pay for the environmental impact In nature.

His story: the executive president of Puma, Jochen Zeitz, managed to turn the brand into one of the three most advanced sports world and, in 2011, created Environmental Profit & Loss, a company that studies the environmental benefits and losses of companies. At present, it has become a kind of tutorial guide for this novel practice, that of measuring the environmental impact on other firms that range from Gucci to YSL. The idea is that nature has a price and companies should pay for its impact on it.

Now he's making the leap to the travel industry. He founded a creative group that has generated a resort association, Long Run Destinations. “We are trying to find a tourism model that allows communities to flourish while businesses thrive, ”he explains.

Your great trip: “In Kenya, in 1989, looking at the views from the Kenya Mountain, I lived a holistic experience. I go once a year. ”

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This article was published in number 56 of Condé Nast Traveler.

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