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Editor'S Choice - 2020

The Once Canalla: from haikus, nudes, Great Lakes and Toronto

An American-Canadian route through the forests of the Great Lakes to Toronto gives much. Perhaps to recite some haiku as Kerouac's characters would do in the recommended book of the week, 'The Dharma Wanderers'; Or maybe we would divert the route to the NY MET to get to know and learn the art of nude photography. You could do so many things on the weekend ...

1. In the bed: 'The tramps of the Dharma' or how to recite lost haikus in a forest, for Jack kerouac. That because? “The forests produce that, they always seem familiar, long lost, like the face of a long dead relative, like an old dream, like a fragment of a forgotten song that glides over the water, and more than anything like the golden eternity of past childhood or past maturity with all the living and dying and sadness of a million years ago, and the clouds that pass over seem to testify (with their lonely familiarity) this feeling, almost an ecstasy, a flash of sudden memories, and feeling sweaty and sleepy told me that it would be very nice to sleep and dream in the grass ”. Point.
2. In the bar: Poetry Jazz CaféToronto A gin and tonic for $ 7.50 and a session of jazz or poetic improvisation. Here everything is to get carried away in the arts (and in the bar).
3. Between frames: we go to MET, in full for Fifth Avenue in New York, to hit us with the story of aesthetic taste for carnal and naked desire. 'Naked before the Camera' It can be enjoyed until September 9.
4. In the club: The Underground GarageToronto "Yes Pearl jam they owned Cheers. ” This is how this Canadian club is defined where the first thing is music and the last one too. And for that reason, it is (and hopefully remains) the Infinite quarry of the city's local groups.
5. In the table: Paganelli'sToronto That because an Italian restaurant in Canada? Well, beyond the BBQ and the chains of fast food, Canadian national food is the national food of any other country. We stayed with Paganelli's because they serve the best chocolate mousse on planet earth (In addition to some exquisite gnocchi with gorgonzola). Without exaggerating.
6. On the road: Great Lakes route from Chicago to Toronto. Take the car and enjoy this region with the incursion of the Mississippi between dense and wild forests until you reach lake Ontario. A route to make a whole book of haikus to Japhy Ryder.
7. In the stadium: the return of the Super Cup. Real Madrid - Barcelona on August 29 at the Bernabéu at 10:30 p.m.
8. At the cinema (inside or outside the home): 'Dark City'. Esthetic steampunk, winks to the magnificent 'Metropolis' by Fritz Lang and a science fiction plot that will make us wonder what Calderón de la Barca was saying:
What is life? An illusion,
a shadow, a fiction,
and the greatest good is small;
That all life is a dream
And dreams are dreams.

9. On the walkman: 'Ultrapressure', the new EP of Nudozurdo. A personal sound, come from the deepest and darkest of the soul to come out brilliantly. Perhaps 'Ultrapression' does not surprise us within its magnificent discography. But what the hell, in the Madrid scene, this is undoubtedly the best part of the capital (and perhaps the rest of the peninsula, without exaggeration, as we like).
10. A neighborhood: West queen westToronto West of the Canadian city west is the neighborhood that is emerging as the most alternative of these streets. But let's remove labels and stay with reality: two kilometers of main street, Queen Street, about 300 stores of appearance and philosophy vintage, countless art galleries cutting underground... You have to see it and live it.
11. In the conversation: the 'wikiwar' has exploded. Ecuador supports Assange and in fact, he has offered to stay in the Embassy for as long as he wants to avoid extradition to Sweden. Is political persecution what should be achieved by reveal uncomfortable truths of the governments of the world?

'L'Academie' by Julian Brassaï © The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Video: El once ideal - Buitre Canalla DEMO OFICIAL (February 2020).

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