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Primrose Hill and Hampstead

North of Regent's Park there are a hill that could be considered the beach of London. It has no sand or water, but there are magnificent views of the center and many regulars in those elusive days of sun that you have to make the most of it, because you never know when it will be next. Primrose hill It is also the name of the neighborhood that extends - or rather collects - around, a few streets where everyone knows each other, traffic is very limited and it is hard to believe it is in London. The neighbors of this town not only share zip code with Jude Law, Tim Burton or Rachel Weisz, but they form a pineapple at the time of preserve the atmosphere and the traditional look of the neighborhood; Years ago they fought a battle against Starbucks, which was intended to open a branch here, and won. They made it clear that they preferred the restaurants with name and surname and the shops of flowers, books or vintage articles.

But If you really want to forget London, go north to Hampstead, an authentic village that did not connect to the capital until 1860, when the north line of the railroad arrived here. Before hikers came to drink from their spring, and then it became one of those places blessed by a extraordinary concentration of artistic, musical, intellectual and literary life. Today he also raises many pounds, because it is said to be the place with more millionaires from all over the UK. Among its more modest houses is the Keats House, where the romantic poet wrote some of his best works under a garden plum. At the other end of the spectrum you can also visit the Kenwood House, paradigm of the English mansion of the 18th century. It is anchored in a Hampstead Heath meadow, a park to which I wish I had taken the basket and checkered tablecloth to stay almost alive.

When it gets dark, it's time to go to one of the Hampstead pubs, to which very few earn in years. Our recommendation: the Holly bush, which until recently remained illuminated by gas lamps, and the Spaniard's Inn, once frequented by very well-known parishioners, such as Dickens, Byron or Shelley, and the occasional bandit.

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Video: Places to Visit in London Outside the Centre - Primrose Hill - London History (February 2020).

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