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Editor'S Choice - 2020

The winning family of the trip to Dubai is ...

Emirates wanted to celebrate International Family Day by giving away a trip to Dubai and we have a winner!

Ready to land in the luxury capital? © Getty Images

A few days ago, as ode to International Family Day, we invited you to dust off your knowledge about Dubai and to respond an eight question test to enter the irresistible draw for a mini family vacation for four people (two adults and two children) to that city, thanks to the airline Emirates.

The prize included four Emirates bills round trip, in Economy Class, departing from Madrid or Barcelona; four hotel nights half board; and four tickets for a theme park.

And finally the time has come to reveal who will be lucky to enjoy the incredible artificial islands of the emirate, its luxurious hotels, the buildings that make you walk looking at the sky and, in conclusion, an authentic sci-fi scene . The name of the winner It is ... (drum roll): Ana Castellanos Ramos, congratulations!

Video: Family Trip to Dubai OR a Stuffed Toy? What Would Your Kid Do? (April 2020).

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