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Editor'S Choice - 2020

False myths of Japanese cuisine

Sushi is not all that glitters, nor the dish that you would see most on a Japanese table

It is the first mistake of an uninitiated in Japanese food, Think that sushi is the only dish or your most popular dish. It is, yes, probably, but only outside of Japan.

Sushi is the first dish of its recipe that began to go out internationally and the one that has been replicated to the point of existing already well-established fusion versions (such as the California Roll), but as it tells us in this video Ricardo Sanz, chef and co-owner of Kabuki Wellington, One of those responsible for us knowing a little more about Japanese cuisine in Spain, Japanese families can eat sushi as often as we go to a seafood restaurant.

This is sushi, but more specifically gunkan. © Kabuki Wellington

Yoka Kamada, chef and founder of Yokaloka, Japanese installed in Spain, also confirms it: there is not only sushi, or raw fish, in the cuisine of his country. The variety of dishes and food is giant. From the different vegetables that can also be eaten with rice to “Kobe meat”.

Japanese cuisine is seasonal, seasonal, that is, it changes a lot per season because they look for the best ingredients at all times. Something that does not make it especially expensive, another myth settled and we have to banish: It doesn't have to be expensive. It has been, because the first Japanese restaurants were set at a high level, but there is Japanese cuisine for any pocket without compromising quality.

In fact, as Ricardo Sanz says, Japanese cuisine has a lot to do in philosophy, variety and spirit with our Mediterranean diet. Much more than you think.

If until now we thought it was limited, it is because it is not so long since we included Japanese restaurants in a usual option for dining out. In Madrid, the oldest still existing has more than four decades (Naomi), but you have to go a long way to see more. Kabuki Wellington, the first to get Michelin Star, opened its doors in 2000. Some of the oldest have only been 10 years.

It has been in the last five when they have begun to appear all kinds of options, restaurants of different prices and types of cuisine. As the ramen, for example. Three years ago who spoke here of ramen?

Continuing with our deepening in Japanese cuisine, after learn to pick up chopsticks, or to discover that we were eating sushi badly, now we want banish once and for all the false myths about one of our favorite cuisines.



Video: Blossom's Fake Video Exposed by food scientist. How To Cook That Ann Reardon (February 2020).

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