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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Madrid in seven deadly sins

The city seems to have been designed to tempt you, so let yourself go, which then, according to the diocese, you have almost 500 parishes in which to redeem your faults

Vitium Urban Suites: a boutique hostel to 'float' on a flown bed. © D.R

Pope Gregory the Great made the final list of 7 deadly sins, Dante popularized it with The Divine Comedyand we humanize it because we believe that giving free rein to traveling passions is no reason for purgatory.


With an interior design based on the 7 deadly sins, any of the suites overlooking the Gran Vía or Flor Baja street of the Vituim Urban Suites boutique hostel (from € 80) would be perfect to get carried away by the unbridled passions of the most sexual sin of the list. But we recommend you book your new and more tempting space: the newly opened suite with a 'blown up' bed and jacuzzi with Stunning views of Madrid's Broadway.

But do not be confused, here customers do not only come to 'float' on the bed, but most choose it for its precious location: "Many come to Madrid just to see musicals, so they prefer to choose us to be with the theaters, we also have foreign senators who like our exquisite but familiar treatment, ”says Maite Jiménez, an integral part of this family business and architect of the decoration of this"small hotel inside a hostel ", as she likes to define it. “When we reformed the hostel we were quite revolutionary. We wanted to create a new concept in Madrid and thus change the bad image of this type of business in the capital. In addition, we encourage other hostels in the area to do the same, ”he concludes.

In Gran Vía there is no beach, but there is a jacuzzi. © D.R


In his day we already realized the new place designed to take a nap in Madrid, but now we go one step further and add a stew to the sinful equation. A stew? Yes, as you read, the restaurant El Gato Canalla, of the Indigo Madrid Gran Vía hotel, will offer the experience during the Sundays of February and March 'Sundays cooked and nap'. The 'sweet tooth', but first of all 'lazy', plan is that tempting: first you eat a typical Madrid stew, with dessert and drink included, and then rest it for two and a half hours of nap in one of the hotel rooms four stars (from 13:30, for € 45).

Sundays cooked and nap in the Indigo. Amen. © D.R


Now that Madrid Fusión and the Gastrofestival 2018, whose motto was "Madrid to eat it", are over, don't think that the capital has been left homeless in terms of gastronomic events. In fact, every weekend, in the center La Ermita, an Art Deco aesthetic building that has come back to life in the Puerta del Ángel area thanks to the modernization of the neighborhood, a festival of street food called Gourmet Street, where the world's kitchens are seriously represented: ceviches, Peruvian potatoes, piadinas ...

In addition, usually the last weekend of each month, the Madrid Productores event takes place at the Matadero, where they are sold directly, without intermediaries, or plastics, or waste, artisan and local food products (all are from the Community of Madrid), in a family and festive atmosphere. The next appointment will be on February 17 and 18, so prepare the cloth bag to go shopping, but with conscience.

Madrid Productores is a market that is held once a month in El Matadero with handicraft and local products. © D.R

4. Envy

Envy is what the Royal Theater and the Prado Museum will feel for each other in the year of their bicentennial celebrations. So many are the activities programmed by both, that the right thing would be to stay on tables and let the public choose according to their tastes or preferences.

First will take opera to the street, in the literal and metaphorical sense, since it will carry out retransmissions on screens located in public areas and the building's own facade, as well as in institutions and cultural centers. It will also host 43 operas, 28 of which will be heard for the first time at the Real, and will invite pop, rock and flamenco to its stage in the framework of the Universal Music Festival.

The Prado Museum, meanwhile, will tempt us with the classic nudes of its Ionian Gallery and with the new 17th-century Flemish and Dutch painting rooms, where we will be the ones who will envy the tastes of the commercial and financial elite of that time (this will not be until November). Temporary exhibitions will be backed by proper names such as Velázquez, Rembrandt, Goya ... Match them, gentlemen! (Which brings us to the next point).

Facade of the Prado Museum © Museo del Prado


The legal changes planned in his day for the landing of Eurovegas in Madrid brought with him to the center of the city spaces dedicated to the game that, even if for almost a century they were prohibited, today they seem to us the most everyday.

And we refer to them as everyday, not because we are going to play without moderation, but because we are going to eat without control. In the Mandarin restaurant of the Gran Casino Madrid Colón, on Paseo Recoletos, the Oriental recipes arrive at the table presented in Tetris-shaped wooden trays (midday menu € 12.90, tasting € 48) and are enjoyed in a sophisticated and daring atmosphere with bottles of champagne.

In the Mercantile Circle of the Gran Vía Casino, whose building was masterfully rehabilitated by Touza Arquitectos, The chef, Juan Miguel Almagro, elaborates in a classic way the freshest market products.

And in La Terraza del Casino, Casino Madrid -which is not Casino, but it is terrace and it is Madrid- Paco Roncero continues to unleash his avant-garde creative cuisine from the heights (both physical and culinary).

Detail in La Terraza del Casino, by Paco Roncero. © D.R


Do you think you are arrogant and arrogant enough to believe that you could escape, only with strategy and intelligence, from a Madrid jail? Well, you can boast escapist skills in a new escape room called AlcatraXCape.

2,000 inmates have already passed since its opening in July for the Maximum Security Prison AlcatraX, located in the Madrid neighborhood of Argüelles. What we do not know is how many of them have sinned of pride and how many have managed to pass the tests (from € 45 for two people). Do you have enough ingenuity, skill, imagination or are you simply one of those who provide 'solutions' for everything from a bar?

Dare to escape from this jail if you are such a cock ... © D.R

7. IRA

As Kevin Spacey would say in Se7en: "Let the anger explode!" And no, we are not going to show you a tutorial on how to cut a cardboard box to put your head inside at Carnival, as Gwyneth Paltrow did on Halloween, thus sublimating the word spoiler to infinity.

We had actually thought to recommend one of those companies that at the beginning of the century became so fashionable to leave you destroy everything you want for a small fee. But no, it seems that there is no longer this type of stressless therapies whose destructive apotheosis came with the 'deroombing' devised by the NH hotel chain: a group of clients, many clubs and tearing apart rooms. Sorry, now what it takes is the coloring… For when in Madrid an initiative like the one led by Color Factory this summer in San Francisco?

Giant Coluring in San Francisco, an initiative of Color Factory. © Courtesy of Color Factory.

Video: MONSTA X IN MADRID 2ND VCR. THE 7 CAPITAL SINS 290619 (February 2020).

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