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The Venice Simplon-Orient Express train, more luxurious than ever with its 'Grand Suites'

The Belmond chain revives the Golden Age of traveling at night by adding luxury double rooms on its train in 2018

This is the new Grand Suite of the Venice Simplon-Orient Express © Belmond

The latest update of the most famous train in the world

We have been talking about the movie for several weeks now Murder in the Orient Express. And now, with the hotel chain Belmond giving a makeover in real life to your fancy train Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, we are finding more and more difficult not to book our own trip (no murders, of course) through Europe.

Those responsible for the ostentatious night train and the Belmond hotel chain recently announced the sum of three new Grand Suites, inspired by the Art Deco style of the original train.

Inspired by three emblematic European cities -Paris, Venice, and Istanbul- the suites are composed of a double room, a living room where you can order the private breakfast to the room, bathrobes Complimentary and secured seats in your favorite food wagon.

The luxurious bar at Venice Simplon-Orient Express © Belmond

In addition, guests have free access throughout the train and complimentary caviar upon arrival. The most remote luxury: full private bathrooms of the Grand Suites have, with shower, sink and toilet. Meanwhile, the rest of the train passengers must use the toilets in the last car.

Oh, and if you book one of the suites, you will have free champagne Anytime you want it, honestly, more than enough reason to get on the train.

The Grand Suites will arrive on the tracks this 2018, joining the original restored wagons from the icon of the 20s of the Golden age From the trip.

The paths can be from a single night (from Vienna to London) or up 10 nights (from Paris to Istanbul and to Venice).

The renewed luxury has a cost, of course. The Normal double cabins cost $ 2,720 per person on a one night trip from London to Venice. As to Grand Suites are expected to cost $ 7,000 per person. That means a lot of champagne to drink.

A dinner in moviemnto with great detail © Belmond

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