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Withdrawal, the new bar and the usual spoon in Retiro

The Lalala Group extends its idea of ​​the modern brewery to another area with gastronomic tradition in Madrid. And it extends beyond the bar.

The meats to share. Forever. © The Withdrawal

To the success of The Lianta and his tortilla followed The spoiled and in this 2017, they started strong. La Talk first came and then La Mamona. They let him know, it would be a great year and the Lalala Group it ends with a new "flagship", The retreat. “It is the proof of where we want to go in another type of restoration, with a restaurant, restaurant, taking care of the service part even more,” he tells us Rubén Ortiz, executive chef of the group.

The hall of the flagship of the LaLaLa Group. © The Withdrawal

With their two plants, Withdrawal follows the strategy followed so far. “On the ground floor, we have the most pecking, rations and bar area, in which we follow the very concrete concept that we have taken so far: that of the 21st century brewery ”, Ortiz continues. “And on the top floor we have the restaurant with a menu of more elaborate dishes ”.

Between the two floors, they have the capacity to about 100 people, in a place that continues with the style of that cozy modernity that characterizes all its restaurants: wood, classic fabrics, warm colors and green touches to convey comfort. For each floor, a letter, the bar and the room, although both share dishes. Some already as famous in the whole group as the salad with its own name, Lalala. And others who were born with a star, "like the herring marinated with avocado ”, Rubén Ortiz account. “It is the most requested dish since we opened in La Retirada; It was a surprise, because it is a different combination. ”

Herring and avocado: the guest star. © The Withdrawal

Perhaps one of the most different dishes within a letter that bets on “the traditional and Mediterranean cuisine, with some modern touch ”, explains the chef who spent a lot of time in the kitchen of Viridiana.

"Good product and good raw material" is its maximum. And pay tribute to those who were there, in that place near the Retiro and the most taverner district of Madrid, before them. “In this place I was before Portal House, a mythical Asturian restaurant in the area and that's why we wanted to include some Asturian winks in the letter, ”he says. So the cachopo could not be missing, and, above all, the spoon

Meatballs, as usual. © The Withdrawal

"Every day we make a different spoon plate," Ortiz says, they only serve at noon. Mondays are the day of stewed lentils with sausage and ham, on Tuesdays, fabada; Wednesday comes the stew; on Thursday, the cinnamon bean with pitu de caleya; and on Fridays, the vegetables with red shrimp. All week, spoon.


Because spooning is a weakness. Our weakness You know it very well.


Although we have noticed the spoon dishes, it is Josper baked which they call the star of their kitchen. “We make fish and charcoal,” says Rubén Ortiz. “Among the meats, we have different cuts to share according to the number of people, the Tomahawk, for example, is for three or four people. And the T-Bone, which is sirloin and entrecote for less. ” And, in addition, rice has a leading role in this letter.

Beyond the bar. © The Withdrawal

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From Sunday to Thursday from 12:30 to 1:30. Fridays and Saturdays from 12:30 to 2:30

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