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Christmas dinners 2017: where to book in Barcelona

It will be for parties

Let's celebrate, you always have to celebrate © D.R.

The Christmas is to celebrate and these restaurants of Barcelona The place for you to organize your dinners.

Whether you are in love with Christmas or those who see it more suspiciously, we will agree that There are few times so pleasant and festive in the gastronomic like the ones that are approaching now.

As 'on these dates so marked' any occasion is good to join to celebrate, we bring a selection of places for meetings of friends, family and work in which to throw the house through the window and forget everything bad of the year.

We include menus for the entire Christmas period (oh, those company dinners) and specific offers for Christmas Eve, Christmas or New Year's Eve. If it will be for parties.

TAVERNA HOFMANN (Carrer de Girona, 145)

It is still worthwhile to bet on the Hofmann surname in any of its versions (restaurant, bakery, school or the new Passeig de Sant Joan Rice), but for relaxed events we stay with your proposal for high-flying tapas and the taverna grill.

From your letter, adaptable for groups of up to 12 people, you should not miss the rabbit tacos with green mole or its amazing octopus with squid ink crust, in addition to the iEssential croquettes.

The day 24 at noon they have a special menu for 55 euros (drinks not included), which goes with joy from the mojito bonbon to the escudella, with stops at the royal crab cannelloni, mullet and suckling pig terrine.

If longer hours are needed, the restaurant offers a menu between December 11 and 22 at noon and night for 70 euros (Drinks not included).

L'ESCALE BISTROT (Passatge by Lluís Pellicer, 12)

Two young chefs from Lyon have ridden one of the streets with the most gastronomic movement in the city a new french restaurant That does not fall into the topic you have in your head.

Combine the forcefulness of traditional dishes with avant-garde and international elaborations that will surprise the one who is looking for a bouchon of tablecloth and gratin.

In addition to the letter, your lunch menu (17 euros) change weekly, inviting to repeat the visit regularly (watch out for their amazing desserts, capable of mixing lentils with ice cream and that the result is consistent and delicious). Of course, wines (French and Catalan) and cheeses (from Can Luc) are mandatory.

For dinner, Christmas or not, they have a tasting menu of 43 euros consisting of six dishes. Looking to December 31 they offer a menu (without pairing for 55 euros, with pairing for 85) with dishes like foie gras with date puree and coffee, soft shell crab or deer with tupinambur and grelos.

Lentils, nut praline, yogurt and cumin © L'Escale Bistrot (Facebook)

SPOONIK (carrer de Bertran, 28)

They pride themselves on being more than a restaurant, an immersive experience that calls the five senses. That is why they are the perfect option for those who are looking for something more than a cutting-edge meal with Latin American roots (the DNA of the house is Mexican and Colombian).

In addition to their usual noon or tasting menus, at Christmas they take the rest with a menu for 145 euros (Drinks not included) valid from December 22 to 31 and January 6 at three different times: noon, 6.30pm and night. In their proposal they combine the cream of corn with caviar, the escudella or the ceviches.

And to New Years Eve, if what you are looking for is a party with live music and cotillion, they offer it for 360 euros, drinks with alcohol apart.

Here you live experiences © Spoonik (Facebook)

BICNIC (carrer de Girona, 68)

He deserves a visit so much for his architectural and design proposal (refined, simple and taken care of in the smallest detail) as for its gastronomic offer.

With the local differentiated into two zones, the fast of bar to take a fethe snack or a smaller and informal ration and the slow To enjoy a meal as instructed, it is obviously this second area that is indicated for group events.

Have menus for 39, 47 and 54 euros, where they appear some of their star elaborations such as eggs with burrata, the delicious porchetta or the cheeks that should come next to the definition of comfort food.

Also for On St. Stephen's Day they have prepared a special menu for 50 euros which includes, how could it be otherwise, the broth with 'pilot' and cannelloni, but also contemporary dishes of those who make seductive winks.

'Slow', the area where you can enjoy your Christmas dinner © Bicnic (Facebook)

TELEFÈRIC (Plaça Doctor Letamendi 27; Plaça de Jacint Reventós, s / n)

If we talk about the most heterogeneous group meetings, the proposals of tapas and pintxos of the Telefèric, which continues to expand premises after its already classic corner of Sant Cugat, are the most comfortable option to make everyone happy.

Offer three menus for 35, 40 and 50 euros They include dishes for the more traditional, such as grilled octopus, and others for those who seek to escape the usual classics, such as the cheeky bao. And for all, the award-winning caramelized grilled foie. From there, the offer goes up.

BIG KOKKA (Mercantile Passatge, 1)

For those who are bored of the usual group menus, Big Kokka is the Nikkei replica, cool and fresh why they had been sighing Christmas dinners for several years.

By 60 euros offer a tasting menu of the big hits of the house, such as roasted eggplant with submissive yellow chili pepper, chaufa rice, the low-temperature Iberian rib and the causes, ceviches and nigiris that put everyone to salivate when the word Nikkei is pronounced. And with estilazo.

Nikkei, fresh and fresh cuisine © Big Kokka

THE GREENHOUSE (carrer Bergara, 8)

The beautiful restaurant housed inside the Pulitzer hotel expands its Christmas proposals with two menus of 50 and 45 euros, where impeccable classics shine like cream of crayfish with rosemary or duck breast.

For day 25, in the 60 euros menu, the options also include wild sea bass, lobster spatter or beef tartare, always with, important, vegetarian options available.

New Year's Eve, your proposal includes snacks, five dishes and four cocktails inspired by the seasons of the year by 130 euros. To start 2018 in a big way and say goodbye to the year as it deserves.

A nice restaurant to say enough © D.R.

WINDSOR (carrer Còrsega, 286)

Another of the emblematic classics of Barcelona, ​​with its appetizing winter terrace, I could not remain oblivious to Christmas menus.

In addition to its usual group menus, from 52 euros, for the 25th, 26th and first year of the year they offer a menu of 85 euros in which Christmas classics such as lamb, foie, escudella or turbot are not lacking.

In end of the year, his menu of 160 euros (wine option recommended separately, for 49) also offers dishes such as scallop burgers and monkfish, and the novelty, a vegetarian option for 150, so that no one is left out of the party.

LIGNUM VITAE (carrer Avinyó, 30)

On one side of George Orwell Square, the Rosewood is a guarantee of contemporary food well done, No fuss and with good product.

On Christmas, its menu of 45 euros is perfect to share between groups of coworkers, friends or cronies. In the first ones there is beef carpaccio, burrata with tomato jam and hazelnut pesto or the very good peas with sepionetas; and in the seconds, you can choose between Candied cod or taco steak with foie gras.

Wild turbot on trumpet and fennel parmentier © Restaurant Windsor (Facebook)

CENTONZE (La Rambla 111)

What better way to celebrate the parties from the heart of Barcelona, ​​in full Ramblas? The CentOnze exhibits a privileged position and the good work of its new chef, Luis Ramos, who cares that dishes, sauces and elaborations that leave your kitchen are homemade and have local and international winks.

The most important days of Christmas have very complete menus perfect for every occasion. In Christmas Eve its menu of 69 euros It goes from salmorejo to lamb skewers and from tuna tataki to beef tenderloin.

The Christmas meal, 49 euros, do not forget the shield or the capon; same as day 26, San Esteban, cannelloni are mandatory, to those who add croquettes of 'rostit de pollastre', but also marinated salmon tacos. Children are also present, with a Children's menu valid for all parties for 30 euros.

At the end of the year, your 169 euros gala dinner includes cotillion and dishes such as angus taco, lobster, foie curl, sea bass and piglet; and to start the year without regrets or worries, on day 1 a free buffet of those who solve your life.

Marinated Salmon © CentOnze

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