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Editor'S Choice - 2020

New York for sweet tooth

We discover the sweetest side of New York with the best of the specialties that you cannot miss.

It's getting out of hand © Black Tap

With an endless variety of cookies, milkshakes, ice cream and pies, New York It makes it very difficult for you to successfully complete the bikini operation.


The classic chocolate cookie has no mystery and in New York you can find very acceptable in any corner. But Levain Bakery plays in another league. To start you have to face her with a lot of appetite or willing to share. We are talking about 170 grams overflowing with butter, sugar, eggs, flour and chocolate in each unit. Not only is it one of the fattest cookies on the market, it is also one of the tastiest because they are served hot and their chocolate chips melt when you take a bite. Of its four varieties we are left with the best: Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip. How to say no to something that bears the word chocolate twice in the title?

Cookies that are lunch and dinner © Facebook / Levain Bakery


Welcome to the wonderful world of Willy Wonka! And we mean it completely because the closest thing to this sanctuary dedicated to sweets will only be found in the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This paradise for any sweet tooth worth his salt belongs to Dylan Lauren, daughter of North American designer Ralph Lauren, which opened its first store in 2001 in the corner of Third Avenue with 60th Street. His goal was to create a space at Hansel and Gretel where fashion, art and sugar will mix with total harmony. Judging by the more than 7,000 candies on her shelves and Madonna, Michelle Obama and Tom Cruise among her clients, she has succeeded.

Willy Wonka's paradise © Facebook / Dylan's Candy Bar


Another candidate to generate a saliva tsunami in the mouthto the sugar addicts are the black tap smoothies. With two stores in Manhattan, one in the always bustling Soho and the other in the Meatpacking District, his creations have become the most intagrameado of the city. The high-end milkshake measures more than one span and, less the cup and the straw, takes advantage of everything. The favorite of the masses is The Cookie Shake consisting of vanilla milk with cream, embedded cookies and cookie powder. But neither should we despise the Sweet and salty which is covered by M&M and pretzels or the Cotton candy It carries candy and cotton candy. We advise you to run a couple of laps to Central Park afterwards to burn all your calories.

These shakes are eaten with a knife and fork © Black Tap


The worship of this New York classic is celebrated in many patisseries but the sweet tooth must meet Eileen. This New Yorker began, in the 70s, developing pastry following his mother's recipe from his apartment and currently has a small empire that satisfies the sweetest desires, by mail and with all its freshness, to any point in the United States. In addition to whole cakes it serves individual portions that can be settled in one sitting. And it's to go crazy because they serve 23 varieties The cheesecake traditional New York It has been served in the city since the 1920s and is topped by strawberries, natural and in jam.

With natural strawberries and jam © Eileen's Special Cheesecake


When entering this bakery it is difficult to fix the eyes in a single point. His specialty is the bread of the good, the one that creaks when splitting it, and the pastries but where it is necessary to stop dry is in the showcase of the cakes. Although its chocolate is highly recommended you will hardly find a Carrot Cake best. Of course, it comes packed with carrots and nuts, but its cream cheese-based topping is to pass out of taste. I should notice a sign at the door.

The best carrot cake of your life? © Amy's Bread


With chocolate you don't play and in this lovely Brooklyn place (luckily there are two, one in Cobble Hill and another in Park slope) they take it as a mantra. We are talking about a perfection of three layers of fluffy chocolate cake, with divisions of chocolate cream and thick black cocoa cover that devours itself with an authentic orgasm on the palate. What makes this cake unsurpassed is that, unlike most of those consumed in the city, sugar is not abused to better appreciate the intense taste of chocolate.


There are two reasons to ask for a table in this beautiful restaurant Upper West Side The first, because it is the favorite of many singers who perform in the New York opera that is right in front, at the Lincoln Center. The second is not for their thin crusty pizzas (which too) but its exquisite chocolate mouse. Attentive to the ritual because the waiter peeks through the kitchen armed with two cubes. One wears the chocolate mouse and the other cream, plain and simple. Without any kind of repair, he throws you a ladle of each one on a plate and leaves you in a creamy sweet dream that you won't want to wake up from.


How good a good ice cream feels when the sun shrinks in the cramped New York summers, right? But the ice cream of this original Village premises fancy even if a real snowstorm that buries half the city falls. Among the original variety of cones they serve, you have to hit a good lick Salty Pimp The creamy vanilla ice cream It hides behind a layer of crunchy chocolate and comes soaked in dulce de leche. The only difficulty lies in finishing it without finishing with a vanilla medal in the chest.


Forget the thick chocolate cup because in New York it is considered cloying and liquid is always served. But we will make guts heart and stop at a real hot chocolate institution. City bakery He feels such devotion to him that he even dedicates an entire festival, every February, with amazing added ingredients such as ginger, lemon, coffee and even hot chili. So much complication is not necessary because your basic hot chocolate already comes with a gift, a marshmallow cloud that drifts in a sea of ​​cocoa.


We're going to make the big cupcake institution in New York ugly Magnolia Bakery As you will try anyway we point another of the most popular (and still better) of the city. They are made by hand in Two Little Red Hens, at Upper East Side neighborhood, and well worth the walk there. The chocolate ones are truly delicious but do not escape the power of seduction of those of red velvet because they are on top of the cupcake podium.

Cupcakes 'red velvet' © Two Little Red Hens

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