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Intimacy, that warm luxury that only a private villa provides

We love hotels but after a while, who does not miss the comfort of your home, where you don't have to report to anyone? Where you don't have to run into strangers every time you cross a door? Today we claim those intimate, personal, warm trips, that allow us to explore the world as if we were carrying the house in tow. Of course, a house that is also A piece of paradise.

All this is just for you © Preferred Residences

"From today, the contemporary traveler can enjoy a new type of accommodation between the privacy and ample space of a private residence and the comforts of a five star hotel", they explain from Preferred Residences. "It's the perfect marriage between exclusivity and luxury. We offer from beachfront bungalows or picturesque country cabins to elegant and modern apartments in the city; Each residence will meet the standards of the most demanding travelers making them feel at home. "

A little piece of paradise © Villas del Mundo

And what are those demands? According to Sergio Viladomiu, from the travel agency Villas of the World, can be summarized in maximum privacy, discretion, security, exclusivity and independence: "There are no schedules; you can come and go whenever you want, organize a dinner or party without disturbing anyone, bathe in the pool at night or at dawn ... "It also warns of the advantageous price ratio" if you compare it with a hotel with the same qualities ", and of the possibility of having all the services you want no need to book them in advance in the case of tennis courts, gyms, spas ... and even helipads or private movie theaters, as in the iconic Straffan House The elegant Irish villa, built in 1832 by Hugh Barton, from the well-known Barton & Guestier winery, also offers ten luxurious rooms and indoor swimming pool.

Luxury living at Straffan House © Preferred Residences


Viladomiu also explains that in these residences the level of "customization" of the accommodation is also higher, since "the client has the possibility to choose the type of villa you want: modern, classic, rustic ... "In fact, immersion in the culture of destiny sometimes reaches very high levels, older than what a hotel can offer, when they offer us the possibility of sleeping in a typical local house - although this is, of course, of high standing.

It occurs, for example, in the three riads that the mythical La Mamounia makes available to its guests, with purely handmade decoration spread over the 700 square meters of each property. Or in the authentic Tuscan houses of Castello di Casole, They make the dream come true for all those who have always wanted to have a villa among the vineyards of the most romantic region in the world. Both possibilities, yes, They are close enough to the hotel that gives them their name to participate of the lively life of both if so preferred from time to time.

Private dinner © La Mamounia

Tuscan flavor © Preferred Residences

But there is something for everyone: even more specialized, although somewhat less lonely, possibilities arise, such as sleep in one of 15 private igloos located at the foot of the Alps, and also less social ones, such as secluded in a splendid garden of three hectares and five rooms in Senegal. We talk about the Villa Keur Fegu, which also has a pool house enabled to give the space even more privacy. There, "the guest can relax enjoying the jacuzzi or a good massage", protected, by the way, by four security guards They guard the complex.

Pure Senegal © Villas of the World


From Villas del Mundo also highlight the customized services of the residences, which are unique to each guest, and are available 24 hours a day. Thus, those who stay in these design properties always have chefs, massage therapists and chauffeurs at your disposal, as in the exotic Villa Sara Arraial da Ajuda. In its price includes Five full-time employees: Waitress and waiter, cook, gardener and villa manager.

In Villa Sara Arraial da Ajuda, five employees and a helipad © Villas del Mundo

This exclusivity, sometimes, also extends to leisure outings. Preferred Residences offers, for example, getaways to the Cerro Negro volcano (Nicaragua) to do 'surf in ashes', with path in helicopter included if you stay in the complex Mukul Beach: "Mukul means secret, and it has already been the ideal refuge of celebrities like Morgan Freeman and Scarlett Johansson. It is hidden between a tropical forest and a dream beach and among its accommodations it has six three, four or five bedroom villas fully equipped Its decoration includes Nicaraguan handicraft pieces, and among its extras stand out its private pools and terraces with views to Manzanillo Bay, "they explain from the organization.

Mukul Beach, shelter of stars © Preferred Residences


Not all villas have the appearance of being. The "apartment residences " they are an upward trend, because they allow to integrate into the life of the big city with total privacy and many amenities, and they are becoming a very desirable option for who travel for business, but also looking for fun. That is, for all those new standard bearers of the bleisure(bussiness + leisure).

Business trips to another level © Villas del Mundo

"The hotels are adapted so that business trips can end up being family, couple, friends ... and they are offering all possible leisure options in a type of accommodation with capacity of two more rooms", they explain from Preferred Residences.

It happens, for example, with the AKA Marylebone, located between Hyde Park and Regents Park, in the vibrant West End London There, these luxurious apartments keep the spirit of the neighborhood by being in a recently renovated 1920 building, while its guests can enjoy amenities such as the free access to a fitness center located on the same street or complimentary gourmet soft drinks. The best of two worlds with a single reservation.

West End Spirit © Preferred Residences

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