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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Niagara Falls renew their lighting system

Niagara Falls they were illuminated for the first time in 1860, when 200 lights were used Bengal to entertain the Prince of Wales. We had to wait until 1925 so that the show was not only a tribute to royalty and a continuous lighting system.

Now, two centuries later, these huge waterfalls that divide the border between Canada and the United States renew their system of magical colors in an operation that has cost four million dollars but that, in the long run, will serve to save money ... and energy.

The operation has brought with it the implementation of 1,400 LED bulbs, which can lead to 1,800 different color combinations and that they come to replace the system of 21 Xenon reflector lights, which have illuminated the falls during the past two decades. With them, in addition, they will be achieved different intensity levels and an even greater spectrum of nuances. Check here the hours from which you can enjoy of this extraordinary show!

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