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Editor'S Choice - 2020

These maps replace the names of the stations with the most used hashtags in them.

'#tagsandthecity' It is the name of the project that offers us a different view of the metro maps of several cities in the world: a vision from the point of view of social networks. Its authors have replaced the names of the main metro stations with the most used Instagram hashtags in the area near each of these stops.

From hashtag in hashtag by the Paris metro © #tagsandthecity

This project is the work of the journalist Martin Fisher, of the programmer Andrea Rohner, both residents in Berlin, and of the architect Jug Cerovic, who, based on Paris, is famous for its redesign of the subway maps of different cities of the world. #tagsandthecity allows to visualize in an image “How a city is photographed and what is happening in it, especially in relation to travel, shops, drinks and food, ”they explain on the project website.

At the moment, there are maps of Berlin, New York, Paris, London and the San Francisco Bay area, although they hope to add more to a collection that it can already be purchased in the form of a poster, phone cases, scarves, t-shirts, vinyl, watches, cups or notebooks, among other formats.

Berlin © #tagsandthecity


To carry out this work, their authors chose the 100 most important metro stations in each city and, using Instagram data, they searched for the most used hashtag in each of them, within about 300 meters around. Most hashtags refer to important tourist places, bars and restaurants. The data used are from 2014, since the social network has stopped providing this type of information today.

When choosing the hashtags, they established two requirements: each hashtag had to have been used more than 100 times and by different Instagram accounts. In addition, with the final results in hand, they introduced some editorial modifications: if the most popular hashtag coincided with the name of the station or neighborhood, they passed to the second most used. For example, at the station Louvre from Paris they replaced #louvre with #monalisa so that the hashtag added value to the map.

London © #tagsandthecity

New York © #tagsandthecity

Paris © #tagsandthecity

San Francisco © #tagsandthecity

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