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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Traveler Agenda: 4 plans for an autumn weekend

This weekend we want to get carried away by our senses with movies, wine, cachopos or Berlin proposals. Madrid, Barcelona and the Ribera del Duero are our destinations, on the go!

Ribera de Duero, we want more © D.R.

IN THE TABLE: The Cachopo Days are again in Madrid! On the tenth of November the starting gun was given to savor that Asturian delicacy that has conquered all of Spain. Point: 26 restaurants of the Community of Madrid join the Cachopo Days in Madrid: Sierra Norte, passing through Barajas, Conde Duque or Carabanchel. To find out more, check the website The Cachopo Guide.

Cachopo: it's not a sanjacobo, it's much more than that © Cachopo Asturiano

OF SHORT STORE: Pop Into Berlin. This weekend 20 designers, artists or innovators share their world in La Industrial (San Vicente Ferrer, 33; Madrid). Curious between stationery, responsible fashion and technological accessories, maybe your next Berlin treasure.

TA-STE, Berlin fashion

ON THE SCREEN: Feminist Film Manifests II (International Film Festival of Gifts at the CCCB. November 10-12, 2016. Montalegre, 5; Barcelona. Free until capacity is reached). “Many of the materials chosen for this edition were, at the time of its production and first dissemination, explicit disruptions in the field of industry standardized femininity models and in many cases they have become icons or referents, examples of a filmic and critical practice of feminist audiovisual representation ”, they explain from the organization. In addition, on Saturday at 6:30 PM Elena Oroz, associate professor in the Department of Journalism and Communication of the Carlos III University of Madrid, will give a conference entitled: Sometimes you have to invent your own story.

Thriller, by Sally Potter © D.R.

ON THE ROAD: The European Wine Tourism Day, November 13, well worth a trip to the Ribera del Duero. Dozens of wineries add to the celebration with a special activities. How about a romantic plan? A special tasting with wine and cheese? An initiatory route in a winery? See all options here.

#Enoturismo and #Arzuaga in #RiberadelDuero © Hotel Arzuaga Facebook

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