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Hawaii will ban tourists from approaching their dolphins

The tourist attractions that contemplate the interaction with dolphins They are very common on the coast where it is easy to find them, such as Hawaii. However, although it seems to us that swimming with them or sailing nearby we do not harm them, studies show the opposite,So the archipelago government has decided to take measures to protect them.

This image may not be repeated in Hawaii © Cordon Press

The most common cetacean in this area is the friendly spinner dolphin or long-nosed acrobat, which inhabits the tropical seas and has a habit of feeding at night on the high seas and Rest near the coast during the day. However, as they are able to swim even if they are sleeping, many tourists interfere even without realizing their sleep patterns, with the added risk that when they are suddenly awakened they can get scared and react dangerously.

As if that were not enough, in recent years there has been a "dramatic growth" of the tourist activities related to them, according to the Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the government of the islands, which does not allow them to rest normally and can end up negatively affecting your health and well-being. In fact, specialists have already noticed a decrease in the number of turns and stunts carried out by cetaceans, which relate to a disturbance of their normal behavior.

The spinning dolphin in danger © Cordon Press

The executive's response has been to propose a bill that prohibits approaching a Hawaiian dolphin less than 50 yards (about 45 meters) either by ship, in person or by any other means of transportation at a distance of two nautical miles from the coast of the main Hawaiian islands and in the waters that separate Maui, Lanai and Kahoolawe, which is where they can be found during sunny hours. However, If it is the dolphin that will look for you, You have nothing to fear, for the law contemplates that exception.

In addition to this, other measures are contemplated, such as ban dolphin-related activities at certain times of the day, which are still being discussed (in fact, they are open to comments on the government website itself). Once this process culminates, on October 23, the writing of the law will begin, which will be implemented in a year and could mean a very positive precedent for the rest of the places that rest a lot of their tourism in animal life.

Video: Government considers banning swimming with dolphins in Hawaii (April 2020).

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