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Editor'S Choice - 2020

The exhibition of 'El Bosco' in El Prado will continue until September 25

The Prado Museum increases the exhibition, 'El Bosco, by fourteen days. The exhibition of the V centenary ', with which it celebrates the ephemeris of the death of the Dutch artist. Nobody wants to miss this tribute to a genius who has managed to unleash the imagination of half the planet for centuries. Of course, if you want to avoid queues, buy tickets online.

Dive into the universe of Bosco © Corbis

More than 420,000 people have not wanted to miss the appointment with the Flemish master Jheronimus van Aken, El Bosco and It is expected to reach 600,000 at the close of the sample. Until September 25 you can see an exhibition that confronts us with the most cruel, beast, tender, rebellious, orgiastic and mysterious side of the human being. In addition, the last two weekends the doors of the Prado Museum will be open until twelve at night exceptionally.

Once inside, go up to Room C and get carried away by the universe of The garden of delights with the video installation Infinity Garden, work of the artist Álvaro Perdices and the filmmaker Andrés Sanz. 75 minutes in which images of the iconic work are blurred in 18 video channels and 16 sound tracks. To open your mouth do not miss the excellent interactive route: The Bosco A story in images.

'Infinite Garden' in the National Prado Museum © Museo Nacional del Prado

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