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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Traveler Agenda: summer cinema, micheladas and traveling photography

About the end of July, this weekend we want to play with time: stretch it with a Galician filmmaker, remember it with an illustrated book about a first gay love or catch it with a photographer that will not be missing on your Instagram.

Summer cinema is in Cibeles cinema © Sunset Cinema

IN THE BED: My first love, by Brane Mozetic (Edicions Bellaterra). A book for children - and not so much - that transports us to six years of its protagonist. To one Slovenia where innocence and its small gestures of love find crudeness in its surroundings. A simple and accurate book, with illustrations by Maja Kastelic, about a first gay love.

"When I was 6 years old, I had a great friend in the nursery school. We were always together, in the patio, in the dining room, and when we went on an excursion we were in a couple. But that did not like the teachers and they separated us. And They made us feel that our emotions were not correct. When I got older, I understood that they had no right to do that to us".

My first love, by Brane Mozetic © D.R.

BETWEEN FRAMES: Contemporary Visionsby Lois Patiño. September 18, 2016 at DA2 (Salamanca). The laureate Vigués filmmaker stretches the tempo and time, thus creating a new window to observe the landscape and our relationship with it. A romantic view of nature that shows the insignificance of man in space.

Contemporary Visions, by Lois Patiño

ON THE SCREEN: The cat on the zinc roofin the Cibeles Center (Plaza Cibeles, 1; Madrid) July 31 at 22:00. Summer cinema and the Tennessee Williams classic. The perfect plan to resurrect.

Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman in 'The cat on the zinc roof' © D.R.

ON THE BAR: La Chelinda, micheladas and dishes to continue #Ponzoneando (Ponzano street, 40; Madrid). It is one of the gastronomic premieres that we have not wanted to miss. And we can only say: Authentic tortilla chips with guacamole (thanks!).

Burrito a la Chelinda © La Chelinda

IN THE NET: Michaela Trimble is a photographer, lives with the suitcase always half done and feels at home in Brooklyn. His images challenge us to look for what is hidden on the other side of the routine.

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