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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Sleep in a five star room… Michelin

The chef Paco Pérez (five Michelin stars) wants more. He wants more stars, he wants more gastronomy and he wants to complete it with an irrechazable pack: the gastronomic offer of his two stars (the Miramar restaurant in Llançà, Girona, and five suites where you can rest from this blessed starry empacho. If you were looking for a foodie plan, this is the definitive one.

Now you can sleep on this two Michelin stars © Miramar

That mixture of eternal Mediterranean and culinary avant-garde have marked the steps of chef Paco Pérez and his tasting menu. Now, in addition to enjoying your creativity in the kitchen, you can stay at Miramar Rooms, what better plan to end a night of gastronomic passion? Each of its suites It has a name of seaweed: Posidonia, Laminaria, Gracilaria, Aonori and Wakame. A salty influence that also floods the amenities with the Algotherm marine cosmetics.

You can sleep in one of the five suites of Miramar © Miramar

The next day get carried away by calm and order the chef's lunch: Benedictine eggs, sweet creations designed by Pérez, natural juices, sausages and organic products from Empordà.

From this premiere, Miramar's history continues to grow. What started as a family beach bar opened in 1939, is today a brilliant creative epicenter with two Michelin stars and, as a novelty, a small boutique hotel that will conquer the most foodies travelers. Take advantage!

Sleep in a two Michelin stars? Yes you can! © Miramar

Miramar: a story of pampering and desire to excel © Miramar

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