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Six places in Prince's life

Provocative, vindictive, groundbreaking, transformative; We talk about Prince, one of the most creative figures in music, who leaves us today at age 57. His legacy is composed around 40 albums with hits that made the whole world dance and changed the history of music. These are the places, real and artistic, that define their passionate stay among mortals.


Above all and especially. In fact, you could say that his whole life revolved around the capital of Minnesota (USA). There, his parents they met in a jazz group called Prince Rogers Trio, and for him they baptized his son, who was born in the city in 1958. There he learned at age seven to play the piano in a self-taught way, to continue with a guitar at 13 and, little by little, become the multi-instrumentalist that we met (he came to affirm that he could play more than 30 instruments). There he formed his first high school bands, there was the founder of "Minneapolis Sound" (a hybrid between funk, rock, pop, R&B and new wave that artists like Janet Jackson joined), and there he died.


In the world capital of cinema was recorded the first movie he starred in, Purple rain (1984), one of the keys to understanding its subsequent worldwide success. Tape raised more than 80 million dollars and it became a cult classic, in addition to being the only feature film starring Prince who did not direct (those who directed did not get too many good reviews in general). The homonymous disk sold more than 15 million copies in the United States alone. Also, in this coastal city He lived for much of his adult life.


After reaping the honeys of success (Grammys, Oscars, endless tours and always full), Prince decided to epate the world with Around the World in a Day (1985), an album with Arab echoes, psychedelia and existentialism that gave clues to the off-road musician and always open to experience in which he would become.


In the old continent It was where Prince showed his most daring side. There he conducted the first tour to include his legendary Aftershows, Concerts in small halls at dawn after the great show in stadiums, and only there did it stop with the tour of its most celebrated -and experimental- album: Sign 'O' the Times (1987).

Minneapolis, the city to which Prince was most linked during his life © Corbis


In the city of the Thames did a single tour with 21 dates! for about a month and a half on the occasion of his album Planet earth (2007). He himself was also gifted with the Sunday edition of a British newspaper, The Mail on Sunday, before it went on sale in stores. The matter generated a lot of controversy, even leading to Columbia decided not to distribute the length in the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, repeated the strategy with 20Ten (2010), distributed with several European newspapers and publications.


There he gave his last concert Just a week ago. The matter makes special sense if we consider that last April 15 was admitted urgently for a flu, and he was discharged two days later, because it is believed that he offered the show to show that he was in full power. He did it as a prelude to a unpublished european tour, Prince Spotlight: Piano & A Microphone, a tour where he would act alone, with a microphone and a grand piano. It was postponed due to the attacks in Paris, so that it only acted with this format on one occasion, which coincides with the last time he went on stage.

The o2 Arena, scene of Prince's musical residence in London © Corbis

The artist, with his eccentricities, also innovated in the world of fashion © Corbis

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In 2013, he still maintained the strength and strength of his youth on stage © Corbis

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