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How to perfect the art of travel for work

We love to travel, but doing it for work is not always easy or necessarily satisfactory. We speak with two professional travelers who tell us how to take advantage of these business trips. So that on your next work trip not all are obligations and there is also a little pleasure.

Montse Novillo Desumvila He has been an Iberia passenger cabin crew for 17 years and tells us that "Cross the puddle" three to four times a month. Buenos Aires, New York and other capitals of the American continent are some of their usual destinations. Montse is aware that when he travels professionally he does not go to a site for tourism and recognizes that once in the destination city he has to put things like personal rest because he has a responsibility to fulfill. "But we do take the opportunity to go out," he tells us. "To eat, for dinner, a museum, a place, take the tourist bus ...".

The destinations of Oscar Castellano Baz, General Director of the Aixam Mega Iberian company, focus more on the European continent and the Peninsula. Like Montse, Oscar admits that it is not always possible to have a moment of distraction in his work trips and sometimes he prefers to stay at the hotel to eat a sandwich quietly. But, if you can, take the opportunity to do some tourism. “When you're away, it's not like being in the office, that at six in the afternoon you just worked. With customers you are working longer. You end up late but you can look for a place to dine that is fine and go sightseeing in the area near the restaurant, ”explains Oscar, who after 15 years traveling already knows where the best hotels are good value for money and location.

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"Whenever I can I plan it," stress “If I go to Seville I can try to be at the time of the April Fair, to catch and approach dinner at the fair. But you have to do it with time, much earlier. Taking the ticket and the hotel before. Because if you organize it at the last minute, the costs are very high. ”

Oscar adds that his work forces him to visit the same areas regularly. Something you have learned to take advantage of. “If this month I go to Galicia, in five months I will be in Galicia again. If I wanted to go to a restaurant that was full or whatever, I plan it. I even put it on the agenda to combine it and be able to go next time, ”explains the manager about some of his tricks. "It has nothing to do with a city in summer than a city in winter. Lugo or Santiago de Compostela seems beautiful to me in winter, but then in summer they also have their charm. If you go now you see a part of the city, if you come back later you can see another part. Until there comes a time that you've been going for so long, you're not going anywhere. ”

Both admit that above all smaller cities can look better this way and with repeated trips, but they also recognize that the Work break is not always the ideal method or for all types of destinations. “Starting from cities that I have known for work, then I wanted to return to them as a tourist with my family. Like New York or Buenos Aires, ”Montse tells us, which explains how to go to a place for work has helped her choose places where she wanted to return with the time she can devote to a destination while on vacation.

Beyond the small playful or tourist moments, traveling for work can have other advantages. “One of the best places to buy suits is in La Rioja. I discovered a tailor shop that made them to measure and much cheaper than in Barcelona, ​​”explains the manager, who recognizes that Purchases can be part of the appeal of a specific destination.

Ultimately another of the tricks highly recommended by these professionals is simply to ask for advice. Montse is based on the experience of coworkers who have already been to that destination or question at the hotel. “At the hotel they know the characteristics of what we are looking for or need. They can recommend a nearby restaurant or a market, ”Montse tells us. "The hotel people know the characteristics of the time we are in the city. If you ask on the street it's not the same, they see you as a tourist without the pressure of time. ”

And at no time can you forget that time is much more limited than when traveling simply for pleasure. “You don't get to disconnect”Add the hostess. "Yes, you think: 'I'm lucky to be visiting this corner or drinking this lemonade in Havana,' but you have a responsibility to fulfill later."

Oscar seems to agree and makes sure to end our conversation by reminding us that in addition to traveling and having some moments of relaxation, basically the frequent traveler It works ... and a lot.

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In the end, the truth is that you will work AND A LOT © Corbis

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