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Editor'S Choice - 2020

The illustrated map of the best restaurants in Lima

We cannot make it easier for you: we give you a map, we illustrate the dishes you should try and, in addition, we provide a guide that will take you by the hand for the best breakfasts, the most typical meals and the essential cocktails. AND THAT A GOOD POOL SOUR IS NOT MISSING!


The Chola Bread, here you have to have breakfast with avocado. And this is what you want? ... Avocado, friend, beautiful avocados to start the morning)

The Great Fruit, Juices and Sanguchón where you will discover fruits that you did not know existed and that you can try in juice format. We recommend soursop juice (a kind of custard apple). Following the pleasures of fruit trees, visit the Fruit Market of Lima.

This is not an avocado, it is a 'avocado' © Carmen Bueno


Raphael Do not leave Lima without trying their delicious tiraditos (something like him cebiche but with more prominence of the fish) and its octopus.

Cala Restaurant, the perfect terrace at the edge of the sea, where you can enjoy a good Peruvian-Japanese fusion and ... a cocktail to welcome the Moon.

The Sea of ​​Gastón Acurio © Carmen Bueno


Backroom, it is the perfect place to taste some anticucho skewers, before going out for cocktails by Ravine, the most modern area of ​​the city.

Ayahuasca Restobar. This giant pub located in a colonial-style mansion is in the middle of 'movida', in the Barranco neighborhood. It is worth going not only for the cocktails but for the awesomeness of the place.

Gran hotel Bolívar. We have finally arrived: here you will find The Golden from Lima, The authentic Peruvian pisco.

Pisco time! © Carmen Bueno

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