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An "yes I want" insured in Paris

You have decided to take the big step with your partner and to declare your invitation to a weekend in Paris, 'la ville del amour'. The list is completed: the girl of your dreams, 'check'; the perfect city, 'check'; you just have some ideas for an insured 'Oui'.

A dynamic and stylish private cruise in Riva on the Seine. Accompanied by a bubbling glass of champagne and a snack (toast with foie gras, puff pastry ...) to break the ice and go on stage.

The ideal time, in the afternoon, during the first months of autumn when the weather is still good. The stage, a wonderful sunset, the leaves of the trees falling golden over the river and the breeze shaking your hair, it is already seduced!

While you enjoy the ride, the monuments parade on the sides and light up gently. You pass under the bridges, the moment is approaching, after the next you throw yourself. For an even more special touch, add some French music to the frame and voilà. As the handsome protagonist in an Italian film but in the center of Paris, you formulate the magic question and she falls hopelessly at your feet.

The Seine, a safe bet © Corbis

An elegant gastronomic dinner with a service of luxe in one of the hotel restaurants like the magnificent Shangri-La or on the terrace of L'Oiseau Blanc in The Peninsula. In both you will delight with its magnificent views of the Eiffel Tower, Montmartre or the Church of Notre-Dame.

Ally with him before maître to give you a special and more intimate table, appropriate for the night of the year. In the menu, succulent delicacies, atmosphere chic, pleasant conversation and a glass of wine from its excellent wineries. Before "do you want to marry me?", Let yourself be tempted by A delicious dessert from their master pastry chefs.

Then you can ask him to accompany you to observe the panorama of Paris la nuit. The moonlight and the stars illuminating your eyes, the murmur of the city in the distance ... The order ring appears almost as if by magic, to which she will respond in French almost naturally caused by emotion: “oui, je t'aime”.

A 100% romantic dinner © Shangri-La

Casual romantic style. During the summer, when the city is serene, take a long and bucolic ride on two wheels through the gardens and alleyways of Paris. At the end of the tour, surprise her with an “almost improvised” picnic on a little bench in Île Saint-Louis or in a corner that inspires you, on the banks of the Seine.

How about a romantic picnic? © Corbis

Under her stunned eyes, open the wicker basket of your bicycle that she thought of as an ornament. Cover your space with a nice tablecloth and arrange a couple of glass cups for your agape. On the menu, a table of French cheeses, crispy breads of different types, grapes and a bottle of vin rouge. You can add delicate wild flowers or a bouquet made by Atelier Frédéric Garrigues to your basket.

For an extra dose of romance, hire an accordionist in advance. Mademoiselle He will be speechless while living one of the most beautiful moments of his life. You say the long-awaited words and she with the tears in her eyes will answer something similar to You had me at hello in Jerry Maguire.

And a walk through the Louvre? © Corbis

The poetic Choose one of the tiny tables of one of the bistrots from rue des Barres or some hidden street of Saint-Germain des-Près, where you were years ago on your first visit to Paris. The dinner is extended, the candlelight is consumed and the rumor of the neighboring tables goes out, only you are left.

After dessert, when the city starts to sleep, propose a walk through the arcades of the Louvre Museum, the Montmartre neighborhood or the Seine ... And when turning a corner, without thinking, take it by the hand or waist And (although somewhat shaky) manifests a spontaneous "marry me"; She will be amazed.

The charming neighborhood of Montmartre © Corbis

If your thing is to write, delight her with an eternal love poem which John Keats in Bright star. Recite it quietly or shout it to the four winds in Spanish and / or French. She will float, hear violins, Chopin melodies ... and will not hesitate a moment to say "yes I want."

Organize a dream day. Invite her to a spa special; At the end of the year it will open the long-awaited Maison Chanel at the legendary Hotel Ritz. In addition, if you do not have the requested ring, you are in the ideal place, in La Place Vendôme you will find the signatures of high jewelry (Tiffany & Co, Chaumet, Chopard, Cartier, Repossi ...). You will feel like Audrey Hepburn in the famous Ariane Billy Wilder and you like Gary Cooper.

Views that fall in love © Ritz Paris

After this, you can accompany her to do some shopping by the nearby rue Saint-Honoré to look for the night model. And if you want to regain strength, take a sweet break, some sweets in the ideal Sébastien Gaudard tea room or some chocolates in Les Marquis de Ladurée.

The fabulous Garnier Opera © Corbis

Then an impressive show at the Opera Garnier and a dinner at one of the gastronomic restaurants of the city. For example, the beautiful Le Grand Véfour in the arcades of the Palais Royal Gardens run by the famous chef Guy Martin with 18th-century decorations. Another safe value is the elegant Lasserre, a French classic two steps away from the majestic Grand Palais and Petit Palais.

He will not believe what he is living, he will fall for granted!

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A classic © Lasserre

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