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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Oxi, Angela Merkel: the best Greek restaurants in Berlin

Through this gastronomic selection in the German capital, we pay tribute to the people who, at least for one day, said "oxy" to the current policies of the European Union and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Not a parakaló they would need the Greek authorities if they sat down to negotiate from you to you with Angela Merkel and the hard core of the European Union against a good moussaka from one of the restaurants we mentioned below.


Angela Merkel has the papo of being a habitual client of the place for almost a decade. Years ago, there was no month when the German chancellor did not sit at the local table at least once. In recent times his visits have been reduced and he no longer enjoys as much as before keftedakia, typical Greek meatball recipe and one of the house specialties. This family business led by Cassambalis coasts It transcends its Hellenic roots and has a clear Mediterranean tasca atmosphere, with Picasso winks included. It is located near the bourgeois Savignyplatz in Charlottenburg. Grolmanstrasse, 35.

Merkel's favorite © Taverna Cassambalis


This Prenzlauer Berg store is always full and the main reason is its good value for money. It is not a restaurant gourmet nor is it very cheap, but lthe portions are generous. Its strong point is its letter because its decoration, if not, is not even picturesque. Maybe it's so popular because the traditional Greek liquor, ouzo, run between the tables like water. This mixture of grapes, anise, alcohol and sugar leaves more than happy diners. In fact, water is another of its ingredients, to lower its high graduation that can reach fifty degrees. The waiters are usually friendly and fun (also for the ouzo?). Schönhauser Allee, 143.


In addition to good fish, well-made meat lovers and even vegetarians have a place in this restaurant's menu. In their letter they also make political references and offer the “Tsipras favorite dish”: a dessert made with the native fresh semi-soft cheese manouri with apricot room. Zorba is not the Greek letter that gives name to this local Kreuzberg, explain those responsible. The reference is somewhat more elaborate and corresponds to one of the classics of the most relevant filmmaker in the country, veteran Constantin Costa-Gavras. This is a criticism of the military dictatorship suffered by Greece and that swept through all the awards ceremonies back in 1969. Culture is an important part of his proposal; That is why they always reserve space for their art gallery, where temporary exhibitions of photography and painting are housed. And it is also next to the great Bergmanstrasse. Friesenstrasse, 12.

Greek food with art gallery included © Restaurant Z


Another one that is most popular and, as the name implies, is more a family tasca with an extensive letter. Nor will he appear in the next issue of the Architectural Digest (AD) magazine, but sitting at his table is like being invited to a Greek wedding with not many guests. The couple of brothers who run it have been cheering the stomach of neighbors for decades Moabit, the quiet neighborhood that borders just north of the park Tiergarten. Tvaerna Phaestos is a good example of the idiosyncrasy of the area: comfort is better than looks. Jagowstrasse, 16.


Back to Prenzlauer Berg, this Greek tavern is a secret that only regulars in the neighborhood know. It is located in the northern part of the neighborhood, quite far from the tourist area, so you have to travel expressly there to try its gastronomic offer. A wide selection of tapas for snacks, including tzadziki and squid, in addition to good gyros and all the "must”Of the Greek cuisine that one can imagine. And cheese croquettes too. Malmöerstrasse, 13.

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