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Editor'S Choice - 2020

The most refreshing hashtags of #verano

You have the winning pose and the perfect landscape To show your summer to the world. You only need the right tags so that your photo is part of the hashtags summer that take more. Or, at least, to entertain you by exploring them while you're still in the office ...

#VERANITO: the typical summer postcard of the feet on the beach has left room for a hashtag full of selfies and some (few) landscapes as glorious as these:

: photos of Rocío Jurado are mixed with splashing in the sea in this curious hashtag, which we claim from now:

a mandatory label during the summer season. Chivatazo: grows at a good pace #terraceoqueteveo.

when the caloret squeeze ... Selfie to the song Of course, with few clothes, and sometimes in places as paradisiacal as these:

: yes, that any tag it's good for a selfie... But, since you're going to do it, let it be with a water camera ... or flying!

a touch of irony for a hashtag surprisingly summery that, at first, does not have much to do with the series ...

: the instagramers Spanish-speaking have joined those around the world labeling with this English expression (which is, by the way, the name of a beautiful song) their particular song.

: a variant of #summertime more hipster, which seeks to capture the "essence" of summer, and to which we also give Latinos in our hashtags

: A basic classic, that goes from the ethereal ibizenca beach to the slash of paella with sangria.

: mojitos are summer what Christmas trees are to winter, so they could not be missing from our list. And remember: those who have a deep sea, score double.

We must see what we like diminutives when we are on vacation ...!

This label is being born, but for now it seems the most suitable to join two of the most used concepts on Instagram: sees it (forever trending topic in this network) and beach. Oh, and love doesn't have to be a human, we are worth even bicycles ...

#ETERNAL SUMMER: the desire for immortality of the human being is reflected in this idea the sea of poetics Sun and holidays all year? So be it.

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You have the pose and the landscape ... Now you just need to know the most "top" Instagram tags © Corbis

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