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As much as the world insists on selling us that Hollywood celebrities are like us, the truth is hard to believe. Women dedicated to the cult of their image, obsessed with educating and educating others in matters as varied as beauty, health or the way of integrating organic products into domestic life. The latest fashion among celluloid stars is to become lifestyle gurus from Internet sites.

Seven years ago a pregnant woman Jessica Alba He discovered that the detergent caused hives and tested dozens of soaps until he found one without toxins that his skin accepted. “My illness opened my eyes. I realized that it was necessary to create a company without chemicals. ” Serious and dedicated to her career as an entrepreneur Alba directs Honest, an empire of household products that last year came to bill one hundred and fifty million dollars.

“I am very proud of my work in my company. It has been a very important change for me and my family to dedicate myself to my own business. Everything has happened very fast and the truth is now destined more time to my company than to my acting career ”. Jessica says that Honest products are a medley of his passions. “There is a bit of everything from cleaning towels to personal care products. The important thing is that they are toxin-free and antiallergic items. ”

Gwyneth Paltrow triumphs with its Goop page © Facebook / Goop

Same as Alba the actress Gwyneth Paltrow triumphs with his Goop page,where he shares the secrets of his lifestyle through the articles he promotes. Mothers and actresses by day, stars on the red carpet at night.

Reese Whitherspoon has just announced its southern product line, Draper James, by the end of this month with a store in Los Angeles. It also points to this business trend Blake Lively, the protagonist of Gossip Girl launched last summer Preserve, a page that is the image of his soul according to his own words and that Vogue He described it as a cross between “digital monthly magazine, adventure and commerce, videoblog and celebration of American products”. In Preserve one finds from jams to kitchen utensils, ponchos or handmade hats.

Jennifer López in front of BodyLab © BodyLab / Facebook

Yes Alba manufactured without toxins, Paltrow sophistication and Lively the Californian rustic world was missing that Hollywood's businesswoman by nature, the actress Jennifer Lopez, will launch a web page dedicated to health and beauty. Just a month ago it was released with BodyLab, "Is the manifestation of the passion I feel for finding the best of me, I grew up in the Bronx with a delicious diet, but not necessarily healthy", the artist thinks." I am fascinated by traditional flavors "- commented Lopez-" however, I did not know the implications that certain foods can cause, I have learned about nutrition and now I want to share that knowledge. "

Designed by women and for women BodyLab does not sell the perfect body in a bottle. "The programs we present are easy, effective and can be maintained, but we must change," J-Lo explained in the presentation.

And since her friends succeed selling lifestyle, singer Beyonce wanted to sign up for this fashion by the hand of exercise psychologist Marco Borges with whom he created 22 Day Nutrition. The company offers a vegetarian food delivery service. "If I have done it, everyone can do it”, Says Beyonce from her website. If the result of your diet is a body like yours there is no doubt that in your career as an entrepreneur you will be as successful as in music.

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Celebrity websites that set trends © Goop / Facebook

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