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Madrid, crazy about the swing

It is a music that enters your feet; when you feel the swing, you cannot stop moving; you get hooked to the sole of your shoes and you end up dancing lindy hop anywhere: concert halls, theaters, pubs, markets, squares ... In the absence of a ballroom in conditions - like those that swept through the 1930s in the neighborhood from Harlem-, everything goes. After all, this is about improvising - didn't the jazz cat say it? This is the guide of the bailongo swing through Madrid.

It starts with something easy, the elementary, so that even Ana Belén can not reproach you that "You move like a bear in a maze"; Then, if you have a bad habit and get carried away by the rhythm of the Benny Goodman Orchestra, you end up doing virguerías like this without realizing it. It's just a matter of practicing with grandma's hipster clothes and slippers -sneakers of a lifetime or dance shoes for the most elegant. Oh, and what to find partner of Lindy Hop it is no problem. Just go to a social dance and grab the first one you see without a partner. Normally, the boy plays lead and the girl is the follow which follows its guidelines, but you can break this rule as you see fit, That in times of crisis leaders are scarce!

Precisely the swing He lived his golden age in the United States with the Great Depression. The markets were collapsed but the jukebox they kept ringing: they were freedom notes for the millions of unemployed workers. As now we are more or less the same - except that instead of rockolas We have Spotify-, we propose a weekly plan so that nobody stays a single day without dancing swing in Madrid. Get out the agenda and aim!


Every second Monday of the month, the Boat Room (Barco Street, 34) pays tribute to one of the most famous jazz singers, Peggy lee, with the live music of Lady & The Tramps. When the first chords begin to sound, We have open bar to dance. Free admission from 10pm until the soles last!


On Tuesdays we go to Galician Center (Carretas Street, 14, 3rd floor), but not to dance dolls; we promise that at least from 10 p.m. to 1 p.m., no bagpipes or tambourines sound, but American hits from the 20s, 30s and 40s. The entrance costs 3 euros and every week a theme is danced, stopping the music between the arpeggio of a saxophone and that of a trumpet to exchange between Lindy Hoppers Tips and ideas


The Wednesdays, double portion of swing in Lavapies: at 10.30 pm we are dancing in the armchair courtyard of Neighborhood Theater (Zurita street, 20). If we arrive earlier, we wait in the tavern for that to begin to cheer up, accompanying the musician who plays the piano with a red wine and a montadito of pretend. And then we go some streets further, to the Traveling Bar (Olivar Street, 39), where until 3:00 a.m. party vintage swing, With free class for beginners in an environment of the most retro-American that makes us feel in the heart of Bourbon Street, if only for one of the many plaques that are hanging around there, along with movie posters and Marilyn ads.


Neither techno, nor hip-hop, nor indie, nor house. Thursday night in the living room Ya'sta (Calle Valverde, 10) is for listening swing and dance Lindy Hop, Balboa, Blues and Rock & Roll, with DJ battle included. Let's see which dancer is able to follow the tempo on the track! Admission, from 10 pm to 1 am, costs 6 euros, entitled to a drink, two beers or two soft drinks.


This day we squat the track of the social and self-managed center The purple (Casarrubuelos street, 5). At 9:00 p.m. there is free class for beginners and for those who have already included words like bounce, triple step or whip in your vocabulary They say they are not the best dancers, But those who have the best time!


Swing in Tuna, pickled jazz and live music salting is the Saturday night menu at La Nueva Colonia de San Lorenzo (Salitre Street, 38), available from 10pm and dressed to dance with the best ingredients: a guitar, a double bass, a saxophone and a clarinet.


On Sundays they are to go out of cañitas, but ... Of cañitas swing!, in Matadero Madrid. The plan could not be better: once a month, from 12.00 to 15.00, dancing at the Café Teatro de las Naves del Español, with previous mini class of Lindy Hop. It is only allowed to take a break to hurry the beer and take a bite of the appetizer.

And already off the agenda, eclandestine encounters are to take public spaces to the rhythm of swing. You have to be aware of the calendar to know where and when. The next dance floor may be improvised in Madrid Río, in the Retiro Park, in the Puerta del Sol, in the San Fernando market or in any Malasaña square, without asking permission, spontaneously, freely, which is how jazz is danced.

You have to take to the streets to DANCE © MAD for Swing

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