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Editor'S Choice - 2020

POP-UP is for summer

Summer is the ideal time for the most unique ephemeral spaces to flourish. Its temporary nature generates attraction and immediate interest for the public, precisely because they have the days counted. Those who are behind these projects try to adapt to the most alternative international trends, introduce surprising designers, organize participatory actions or provide a wide and diverse offer that encourages the continued magnetism of these pop-up places, whose life is short, but intense .



Until September, for the second consecutive year, the National Theater Ride this space that opens all week. It is designed with original material from the scenography of the most successful works of the London theater scene, such as the spiral staircase of Captain of Kopenick or the original set of the most prestigious work The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. All these elements, united in a sort of patchwork, create an image really surreal which is accentuated by intense lighting with dramatic effects. Your privileged situation, In front of the river, makes customers go massively on hot summer days. On several weekends DJ´S liven up the evenings until two in the morning.

Propstore Pop-up, at the National Theater © Propstore pop up


It's about a pop up full vegetable Royal Botanic Kew Gardens. IncrEdibles is a festival dedicated to edible plants of all kinds and origin, where experimentation has a special role with the participation of chefs and gastronomic artists. A large wooden table is the center of operations of the tea parties, picnics Y special suppers in which you can taste ninety exotic plants and unknown to the palate. The gastronomic artists Bompas & Parr they have filled the pond with Tutti Frutti and they have mounted a pineapple-shaped island sculpture in the center, a sound island from which music composed by the ecological sound artist Mileece There are also special activities for children in a parallel festival called Plantation.

A vegetable pop-up in Royal Botanic Kew © Royal Botanic Kew



Summer is related to the color and light, so nothing is better than the infinite color palette of Pantone Colorwear to give you a little optimism through its colorful clothing. After opening a store in 2012, the brand is committed to ephemeral points of sale, and Paris is the second adventure after the good results in New York.

The spectacular design of the Parisian space is due to Emile Humbert: This is an elegant white canvas lit with neons, with the checkerboard base that highlights the clothing color range. You have to run: it will only be up end of July, in 51 Rue du Temple.

Pop up Pantone, put some color to life! © Pop up Pantone Colorwear


This mythical train has come alive with the opening of its restaurant car, which has been restored and planted in front of the Institut du Monde Arabe. Illuminated with bronze lamps and clad in mahogany panels decorated with motifs inspired by nymphs, the reddish tones of the furniture, carpet and curtains bring warmth to the room. In the bar, chaired by a piano, cream colors prevail. All the details have been recreated to bring us back to the luxurious experience of those long trips: period newspapers, a delicate tableware, tablecloths of thread ... The Chef who is in charge of the sophisticated menu is Yannik Alleno, with three Michelin stars by Le meurice, and that will feed 42 customers with vintage dishes Y recipes from exotic places They splashed their way.



An extensive program of activities and a rooftop with a great view of the rooftops of Madrid: That is the recipe for the Terrace of La Casa, in La Casa Encendida. This prestigious cultural outreach space continues with its renowned program of exhibitions and activities by the hand of Jose Guirao, Lucia Casani Y Monica Carroquino.

This coffee bar has been sponsored by Disaronno, the Italian liquor, and offers refreshing cocktails, artisan ice cream, fruit smoothies and delicious sweets in the evening of Foot wash. The space has been designed by Pablo Limón. His designs are always focused on functionality, and here he has created a atmosphere and summer, an elegant and refreshing beach bar in the heights.

Every Saturday night during the months of July and August he summer cinema take the Terrace of the House with the screening of a film belonging to Imaginarians of youth, a cycle that analyzes the transformation of the imaginary of youth from the fifties to today. And the Sunday afternoons have the cycle programmed Soundays with the most interesting proposals of electronic music: Lorenzo Senni, Stargate, Suso and Emilio Saiz, and Iasos, the father of the new age.

The Burning House © Coke Bartrina


The Palace of Saint Barbara hosts until september east pop up terrace / restaurant / organic market / object and fashion store and art gallery. There is a wide gastronomic offer: Magasand snacks, cocktails and drinks The traveler, exotic dishes from Asiana, sausages from Enrique Tomás and Zelicioso cakes. On Sundays, a great brunch from the restaurant of La Carmencita Tavern.

Inside the palace there are concerts, clandestine dinners with the participation of great chefs from Madrid and cooking, gardening and new urban gardens workshops that complete the experience. The Art3 gallery of Barcelona presents the exhibition of street art with works of OBEY Y Banksy, among others. To go shopping, in the Kiki Market there is a selection of organic products Y Rughara, hosts different handmade brands.

This year in interior design, some wooden structures stand out, reminiscent of a cabin, have been designed by Nacho Ventosa Y Sara Aznar with the advice and production of Komodo Communication.

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A great bruch in La taberna de la Carmencita © La taberna de la Carmencita

Apple Mahou 330 in Madrid © Fikera & Quiche

Video: Disney in the West End Summer Pop-Up (February 2020).

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