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Editor'S Choice - 2020

The eleven scoundrel: play the weekend in Lisbon

Whether you are going to see the grand finale in person, at the bar or you don't care about football, you can always enjoy one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe: Lisbon. But we also have an imprescintible exhibition in Madrid, the best of Ravalkistan in Barcelona or a premiere with a lot of rhythm. Take note!

1. In bed: At another time. The ironic Stephen Dunn won the Pulitzer Prize for poetry in 2001 With this poems. One of the most interesting proposals of the Anglo-Saxon world. Now you can read it in castallano.

2. At the bar: Las Fernández (Carretas, 11 Barcelona). Three sisters of the Bierzo set up bar-restaurant in the heart of Ravalkistan. Beatriz, Bibiana and Berta They have the famous botillo, lacón with peppers from the region and cecina de León. All at a good price and in a very friendly environment almodovariane. We are fans of your answering machine!

3. Between frames: Exposition #unknown, from Javi squared. Red, green, blue and black in millions of stripes make up the new proposal of this Madrid illustrator, which pulls technique and Bic pen to give life to the paper to real strangers, leitmotiv of #unknown. Your epic work will be displayed until next June 6 in The Hedgehog (15 Columbus Street), a modern cabinet of curiosities in which they bind, pamper and restore incunabula, librettos and, of course, art. Essential.

#unknown, don't miss Javi Square's amazing proposal © SimmonSaid

4. In the club: Taxi to Manhattan (street of Basilica 17, Madrid). We like the cocktails, it would be late to deny it. Therefore, we have surrendered to his afterwork and his pecking in the purest style Downtown. Choose your favorite corner: attic, terrace or bar.

'Downtown restaurant' in Madrid © Taxi to Manhattan

5. At the table: Pedro e o Lobo Restaurant (Rua do Salitre 169, Lisbon) Located in an old art gallery, this restaurant is in constant motion. We don't know if your chef considers himself more Pedro or Lobo, but his challenging proposal in a relaxed environment is consolidating as one of the most interesting proposals from the city.

Smoked duck, chestnut, pomegranate and persimmon magret. Irresistible! © Pedro e o Lobo Restaurant

6. On the road: Lisbon. Whether you are one of the thousands of Spaniards who will be in Lisbon this weekend, as if you will watch the big game from the bar or even live so happy (it's possible!) Without paying attention to an 11 against 11, any time is good to enjoy one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe.

Lisbon does not need an excuse to visit it, but if you have one who will resist © Corbis

7. In the closet: If you are thinking of giving your home a new look take note: Vide Greniers (Segovia, 31, Madrid). This showroom only opens Saturdays and Sundays from 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (you can also make an appointment). Here you will find assemblies dedicated to antique furniture, vintage french design pieces, Spanish, Portuguese, Scandinavian from the 50s, 60s, 70s, industrial furniture, lamps, objects and curiosities for decoration. His first collaboration has been with the fabric designer Laura Granado.

They design their own a line of furniture of their own design and production, in waxed blond woods and lacquers with graffiti technique. © Vide Greniers

8. In the cinema: 20 steps from fame. This documentary, directed by Morgan Neville, brings us closer to those artists who get our favorite stars to hold on to the sky. Bruce springsteen, Stevie wonder, Mick jagger or Sheryl crow recognize the work of those eternal secondary, whose lives we knew nothing about. Until now.

The unknown story of the choristers who have accompanied some of the greatest music legends © D.R.

9. On the walkman: Andrés Calamaro. An Argentine classic in a mythical place in Madrid: this Friday in the Riviera room. Skinny ... don't shut me up ... your daggers ...

Afama: the essential neighborhood of Lisbon © Corbis

10. A neighborhood: Well, in addition to watching the grand finale, get on tram line 28 Lisbon (because, recognize them, still has a decadent charm that hooks) and visit the oldest neighborhood in Lisbon: Alfama (derives from the Arabic word al-hamma and means bathrooms or fountains). The best place to find one fado house (or premises with soul live). ¡Witch!

11. A web: BFace Magazine. They are young and come forward. Trends, travel, fashion, television, cinema ... Ligerito and without complexes. His team would give for several football alienations. Follow the hint.

Trends, music, fashion ... You'll want more and more! © BFace Magazine

Video: Lisboa teaser at SPIEL 2016 by Eagle-Gryphon Games (February 2020).

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