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37 types of travelers that you will find in airports and airplanes, whether you like it or not

Be careful, at any time you can become one of them.

1) The anxious: Start queuing at the boarding gate when there is still an hour to open it. For one of those strange psychological springs, a tail is formed behind him of 30 people who stand stoically for as long as it takes.

2) The misplaced: The one who, despite the infinite warnings, He carries a knife and a liter water bottle and a half in the suitcase that are obviously intercepted in baggage control.

3) The virgin: It has never flown. Above all, they are older gentlemen who spend it regularly throwing badly and children who are so nervous that it is impossible not to spread their enthusiasm. In both cases they will hold the air conditioning jet stoically throughout the flight without knowing that the button to close it is right over your head.

4) Herod: He will show his hatred against two specimens also very frequent on flights: 1) the crying baby (After all, he can't do anything to calm himself down) and 2) The absolutely unbearable boy who shrieks, runs down the aisle of the plane and kicks the front seat without his unperturbed parents doing anything.

5) The one that stinks of free samples: The pre-flight hours become less heavy with the invaluable help of airport stores. The perfumeries are especially tempting and so there are those who get on the plane with their hands smeared in a thousand creams, smelling of several different perfumes and even with glitter remains on the cheeks.

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6) The passionate: It is not necessary to take to the extremes of Elvis Crespo, but it is obvious that Emmanuelle It marked a sexual milestone in our weak and impressionable minds just as years later Pretty woman with the strawberries + champagne + jacuzzi combo. On long flights many are those who fantasize about dusting in the sink with an unknown attraction, and without reaching that extreme that demands luck, expertise and balance, flirting on airplanes is quite common. At the end of the day five hours ahead they become much more bearable with the perspective of an attractive companion in the next seat.

7) The mass leader: The one who, in one of the frequent cases of unexplained delay or cancellation of a flight, harangues the rest of the passengers to make a collective protest.

8) The happiest person in the world: That to which, by overbooking in tourist class, they move to first class.

9) The most popular person in the world: The one that travels with a cat or a small dog in a carrier.

10) The consumer: The waiting time before catching a plane is short because it takes advantage to visit each and every one of the stores in the terminal by renewing the closet floor and buying souvenirs for all your loved ones. He will enter the plane with several dozen bags and regretting that he has not had time to visit the store of the local football team.

11) The one who is afraid to fly: One of the worst possible seatmates because he will end up infecting everyone around him with his terror. Talking to him is like doing it with a licensed pharmacist, and he will always complain about the little effect that tranquimazines already have on him.

12) The one with ear problems: He is recognized because he chews gum with his mouth wide open, he repeatedly squeezes his ears and constantly unclogs his nose as if he were going to dive in crystal clear waters.

13) The one on the verge of anxiety attack: The one who knows that he is about to lose connection with another flight. He constantly looks at the time, has informed the cabin crew and his companions of his desperate situation and as soon as the plane lands he will ask the passengers who stand between the exit door and him to let him pass first. Probably your second plane has already left, But hope is the last thing you lose.

14) The smoker: In the small airports, you will hurry up to the last minute smoking in the street, next to the taxi rank and under the eye of a suffered friend or couple who has offered to keep you company. In large airports, the first thing you will do once the control is over will be to locate the smoking room, which can be a filthy room with a carpet full of chunks or an airy outdoor enclosure full of plants turned into ashtrays. There you will spend all the waiting time, with some exit to duty free To buy cartons of tobacco.

15) The lover of traditions: He is the person who in his normal life never takes Toblerone but cannot avoid buying a giant one every time he flies.

16) The internetaholic: He will tour the terminal looking for free wifi desperately. In Spanish airports this is a practically impossible mission.

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17) The one who does not stop talking on the mobile: The entire boarding queue finds out about your sentimental situation, the business you have in hand and what you plan to do as soon as you arrive at the destination hotel. He won't stop talking until a flight attendant tells him he has to turn off his cell phone. There is an even more irritating variety consisting of using the handsfree as well.

18) The never-without-battery: The one who spends the dead times at the airport sitting on the floor next to the mobile and the tablet conveniently plugged in and charging.

19) The forgetful: He was leaving for the last minute to check in online until he had no choice. He will look with a little envy at the passengers who enter the airport and go directly to the control with their hand luggage rolling to the side.

20) The unsuspecting who flies for the first time in Ryanair: When he discovers what they charge for printing the boarding pass and how severe they can get with the size of the carry-on baggage will come the cries and curses capable of bringing down the entire celestial dome, all in the face of pity and sympathy from the rest of travelers.

21) The resigned: When they report any of the fatalities that may occur at an airport (the plane does not leave, there is a strike in France, a two-hour delay) is never irritated or protested. Take out a book and a sandwich and pull your best Zen spirit to endure until everything is resolved.

22) The one who turns the airport into his house: They are usually young backpackers who catch flights at odd hours or unfortunate victims of some delay. They sleep in banks, feed on vending machines, they wash their socks in the toilets and some end up making friends with the ground staff.

23) The one who gets drunk: Melendi before becoming the perfect son-in-law was an extreme example of this behavior.

24) The picky eater: You will not have remembered to notify the airline of your preferences (vegetarian menu, kosher, gluten-free) but that will not prevent you from protesting and hitting each of the options offered, looking suspiciously at macaroni or chicken from the trays of the travelers next door.

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25) The one who sleeps the whole trip: It is usually a variation of the traveler with fear of flying to which the tranquimazines do take effect.

26) The one who doesn't shut up: You will not care about the intentions of your seat mate; He has come to talk and talk is what he will do throughout the flight.

27) The one who establishes a barrier putting on helmets: Washer companion of the previous traveler, as soon as he sees the calico he will put on helmets and look at the infinity to cut off any type of communication. Sometimes the headphones are not connected to anything.

28) The one who laughs out loud with the movie he is watching: That way everyone will know how chunky it isHangover in Las Vegas 3.

29) The press fan: With him the paper press is not in danger. He will face the flight with several newspapers, a couple of heart magazines, a movie magazine, three travel magazines and several lifestyle magazines. Of course it will also give a good account of the airline's corporate magazine.

30) The one who complains because they do not speak to him in his language: It can lead to an international conflict.

31) The architecture lover: Go through the camera terminal at the ready without paying attention to the shops and cafeterias; You will only have eyes for the ceilings, materials and bright finishes of that engineering work.

32) The infarcted: You will notice half an hour before catching the plane that he has lost his passport or it has expired. Racing through the airport until you reach the police station, a family anger and a photo in the document in which you will get sweaty and with an anguished face will be the consequences of the dismissal.

33) The envied: The foresight traveler carrying an inflatable neck pillow.

34) The one who wants to envy: He is looking forward to being able to turn on his cell phone to check in at his destination and to have all his contacts as well.

35) The passenger who rises like a spring as soon as the plane lands: He will spend twenty minutes standing with his neck folded facing the infinite until he can leave his seat.

36) The passenger who remains seated until he empties: Cooler than an eight, he will complete his reading tucked into his seat until he is the last one left on the plane.

37) The distraught: He visibly suffers next to the baggage conveyor because his suitcase does not appear. When he finally arrives he takes the greatest joy of his life.

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