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Paris gluten free

Bienvenue les cœliaques! We reveal eight gluten free addresses in Paris.

A small kiosk with gluten-free and always seasonal products © La Guinguette D'Angèle

Because gastronomy is one of the great pleasures of traveling and we don't want you to miss that delight in Paris.


This micro kiosk full of plants and bucolic air the size of a matchbox, promulgates a kitchen avec amour gluten free and seasonal.

In his detox recipes, Angèle reflects his naturopath training, loading your salads and vitamin soup with nutrients.

To do this, use ingredients such as coral lentils, goji berries, hemp seeds, rose petals, borage flowers, aromatic herbs, quinoa ... and all kinds of vegetables and nutss.

Take one of his lunch box and go to the nearby Jardins du Palais Royal or in the Tuileries.

A kiosk full of plants and love for healthy gluten-free cooking © La Guinguette D'Angèle


This little coffee from Haut Marais It is ideal for the petit-déjeuner. They prepare 100% gluten free fresh smoothies As the choco shake with frozen banana, dates, raw cocoa, maca and almond butter; in addition to their bowls extra healthy vegans and overflowing with superfoods.

On your plate they will rub shoulders açai, chia seeds, red fruits, pecans; nutritious avocado toasts with pink salt and bread boulangerie sans gluten Chambelland and a variety of raw food organic

Water it with juices or golden latte kombutcha.


This patîsserie without gluten performs the classics of the french pastry as well as own creations (in many cases, dairy free).

Between his delicacies, they bake red pistachio cakes, Madame de Fontenay, tartelette of lemon meringuée, éclairs, cheesecake and Paris Brest and even custom bridal cakes.

As far as the bakery is concerned, they offer fig and nut breads, sesame and flax baguettes, brioches with chocolate chips and croissants (yes yes, Croissants without gluten).

A gluten free patîsserie © Helmut New Cake

A FASTGOOD: BEARS & RACCOONS (21 rue Richard Lenoir)

His philosophy is the 100% gluten free quick restoration, starring its sandwiches made at the time, based on rich and fresh products.

Savor a Rocking Chèvre, a Lumberjack cheese based raclette, rosette, red onions, pickles and believe me fraiche; a Aubergine 'Tonic composed of marinated eggplant, tomatoes, pickles, lettuce and cream of peppers or spicy Spicy Chihuahua stuffed with chicken, guacamole and jalapeños.

This cozy retreat also serves hazelnut scented latte coffee and homemade cakes, muffins or zebra cakes.

It also presents a stand where it sells pecking for the implement, cookies and beers ... or sweets and jams for snack.

Delicious sandwiches and gluten-free cookies © Bears & Raccoons


In addition to breads and pastries you will find rice, corn, drinks, chocolate, cakes (cookies, macarons, cakes), cereals, pasta, flour ...

Equally, propose a section without egg what includes cookies of ginger or cereal bars; other dairy free with coconut milk porridge apple and cinnamon; other sugarfree, with baby cereals and chocolate ... and another vegan, with cheeses, mayonnaise or chantilly.

So that you prepare yourself at home whatever you want!

UN TRAITEUR: KEÏLI (106 rue Amelot, 75011)

The American chef Caleigh Megless kitchen fait maison Bio and healthy prioritizing the vegetable, seasonal and organic fruits and vegetables.

It serves Chia Chai Breakfast, Healthy Bentos, energy balls; beet snacks chioggia with homemade ricotta and candied lemon; california vibe rainbow makis with radishes, watermelon, avocado mango, chives, red cabbage, grapefruit and tahini sauce; in addition to original salads, such as caesar with kale, or burrata, fennel, nectarine and its compote ... or tacos, with 100% bio flour.

Their desserts do not carry gluten: try your apple pie, your cheesecake, their brownies or Pancakes accompanied by latte glacé based on vegetable milk, a hibiscus juice or a white tea and blueberries or lemon and elderflower of Tensaï.

Gluten free desserts and a catering service © Keïli

UN BRUNCH: SIMONE LEMON (30 rue Le Peletier)

Your brunch by way of buffet, is suitable for all palates, most of its dishes are gluten free and proposes Vegan and lactose free options.

In their letter, which changes weekly, they propose pastries and fresh bread with jam, guacamole toast, smoked salmon, salads, fromages, artisan charcuterie and hot dishes such as scrambled eggs with comté cheese and thyme, bacon and mini sausages.

In desserts they employ seasonal ripe local fruit resulting in a citron and chantilly vegetable tarte, a choco mousse and candied orange rind, homemade granola or a strawberry tiramisu.

Here the menu changes weekly and the product is always seasonal © Simone Lemon

UN GOFRE: YUMMY & GUILTFREE (3 rue du Temple)

Claim your gastronomy gaufres homemade, sweet or savory, without gluten or lactose, made with quality fresh food and prepared devant vous.

Among the classics stand out the croque monsieur, the salmon with fresh fennel with black sesame, cream cheese and hazelnut oil or the Thai chicken with curry cream and coconut, crispy vegetables and peanuts.

Every three months they launch their ephemeral specialties, As the Chipo, with sweet potato cream, Espelette pepper scented chipolatas, "fajitas" style vegetables, corn and cumin yogurt sauce; or the vegetable with eggplant caviar, duet of zucchini, spinach sprouts and flax seeds.

The sweet tooth will ask for the sugar waffler, chocolate or lemon cream, salted butter caramel, or cheesecake.

Delicious gluten-free waffles © Yummy & Guiltfree

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