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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Restaurant of the week: Luma, all the flavor of Peru

Never 9,000 kilometers between Peru and Spain were as close as in Luma

Suckling kid, pumpkin Lobster squash, coconut cheese, carob vinaigrette sprouts © Luma

Luma It is a nonstop flight to Peru, a trip that we like and in which we will cross the sharp Andes, its deep Amazon, and that will immerse us, without concessions, in the waters of the Pacific. The chef Omar Malpartida It makes us a tourist guide for your country through a gastronomic proposal in which products are mixed Peruvians little known with others of national origin making known a mestizo cuisine that has much to say.

Omar's grandmothers: Luismila and María name the restaurant and also mark the character of it: a kitchen of origin, memories and union of cultures where none stands out and all recognize each other.

Ceviche © Luma

The restaurant divides its space between una bar with menu, excellent pisco and dishes to share; the dining room and a kitchen table. It is decorated with cassava plants, Peruvian crafts and tones inspired by the neighborhoods of Lima to remind us from where this trip starts.

In addition to the forms, the fund also moves us to Peru without moving from the table: Omar works directly with local producers to publicize ingredients that would otherwise be impossible to obtain in Spain.

It offers the possibility of choose between tasting menu or eat a la carte (Blessed letter!) The Pachamama or mother earth is the beginning of both options and is reflected in the menu as Cassava, saffron, cheese and yellow pepper. A mixture as risky as balanced.

You can (must) try the Amazon plantain tostón, Sauteed of Iberian, sasha tomato with chili pepper and avocado, an intense dish in flavors.

Another dish that can not be missing in season is that of asparagus with bechamel and lemon and cilantro emulsion. The cooking of asparagus al dente makes it enjoy its flavor and the combination with the different sauces makes it unique. Simplicity in textures and softness in the backgrounds.

The miscegenation is shown on the plate of regional sauteed with a grilled t-bone steak with sautéed chili peppers and meat and soy glaze; The tenderness and cooking point of the meat combines perfectly with the peppers.

Corn and yellow chili pancake, white prawn spatter and chili peppers with cured yolk © Luma

In desserts, Omar unveils the tumbo, exotic fruit of Peru, with passion fruit, white chocolate, coconut and guava. A fresh ending tending to the less and less sweet desserts that give the palate a rest before such intense flavors.

The entire menu can be accompanied by any of the liquid proposals found in the menu: mostly white and sparkling wines and some red Atlantic to pair Luma's kitchen. I could not miss a large section of jereces.

Omar demonstrates in his dishes knowledge, sincerity, purity, elegance and union of cultures, flavors and cuisines.

Never 9,000 kilometers between Peru and Spain were as close as in Luma. Haute cuisine to enjoy and have fun.

Ice cream © Luma

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